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How Listening To Music Changes The Music We Listen To

When recorded music was on vinyl the consumers relationship with the music was very physical. The grooves of the album were influenced and the sound emitting were changed by the way in which we played them. If you look at the indentures on a fave piece of vinyl you will find a song you like will have a different coloration due to overuse. When you listen to vinyl you change the way the musician intended the songs to be heard.

This is much more extremely true of digital recordings. You can go into a file and physically change the arrangement if you’re computer savvy enough. But here is the difference, when you fuck with digital you are fucking intentionally, when you fuck with vinyl it is a passive action that occurs simply  by playing the music on your stereo.

Even swapping files, cheering at concerts, listening to bootlegs, posting unfinished songs on the web: this is an active changing of the way in which music is heard.

But it is not what is on my mind.

I am a big Carl Jung fan. Jung was the Freud disciple who struck out on his own due to an argument over the meaning of dreams. Freud said dreams were a warehouse mental garbage, the stuff the brain had no use for. Jung said they were archetypical images from the subconscious mind giving vital information to people. This break lead Jung elsewhere and among the places he went was to the collective unconscious: that we, as well as all other species, share information on a subconscious level. Imma speak about music in a minute, I just want to get to the concept:

In England in the fifties milk was left outside peoples households by milkmen in suburban areas. The milk was enclosed  in glass bottles with aluminum foil covering the tops of the bottles. In  a closed enviroment  (so they couldn’t fly away) Jung conducted a scientific experiment  wherein he taught pigeons how to peck open the aluminum foil to reach the milk. Within two weeks pigeons in London (300 miles away) were pecking the aluminum foil on milk bottles. How was this information transmitted? Jung positioned it was transmitted through species telepathy -information was shared on a subconscious level (it’s not a million miles away from Star Wars force).

This is about as important as anything. The most important reason science is aetheistic is because for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. All religions claim a transmogrification of the soul upon death but no energy is released. So science must find a place where there is a reaction but still no energy released. Telepathy is that place.

I hope the concept of species telepathy is clear.

Music is vibrations in the air. That’s all it is: recording music is the recording of vibrations in the air. But what happens when music becomes viral.? What happens when one million, two million people listen to the same vibrations within a set timeframe. Can the attention given to the same flow of vibrations do anything BUT change the flow? In quantum physics the physical property of matter is changed by being watched, how much greater, especially if there appears to be some form of collective unconscious and how much greater if we are dealing not with matter but with air waves.

It seems to me that when music becomes viral something happens to the music we listen to. I will think about this some more but if anybody else has an opinion I would love to know it.

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