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Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 11-12-13

Gaga’s penultimate triumph

1. Gypsy – Lady Gaga – Her best song in years and the jewel in the ARTPOP crown, and the penultimate number on the album , just before “Applause” and ending the album on the highest of highs, this is a pop ballad of both beauty and seriousness. Major stuff for Gaga fans – A

2. Old – Paul Simon – The most inspired use of a sample, Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” since forever, Simon is good for two songs an album and this was one of them – A

3. Sometimes – My Bloody Valentine – They have been opening their live sets with it and it is easy to hear why, this is all melodic feedback – A

4. Remix – Mellowhigh – The best song on the newbie is catchy as hell and stoned out of its skull – A-

5. Are You With Me Now – Cate Le Bon – I had the impression that cate was folkier than this English (well, Welsh) pop song. Tremendous voice – A

6. You Already Know – Arcade Fire – A best moment on the newbie, very catchy Fire dance – A

7. Beautiful Pain – Eminem, Sia – Sia has more soul than Rihanna ever will, but not here because the song sucks – B-

8. Summer Love – Justin Timberlake – Better than anything except maybe three tracks on the newbie, and it is as good as them; he fucked it up in concert – A

9. Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne – I don’t think the new album is very good but it is not terrible and as concepts go, the perpetuatual childhood of a rock star, it isn’t bad. On the other hand, this song is good – B+

10. Friday I’m In Love – The Cure – I am sure this isn’t an original thought, but… how much is this like the Byrds? – A

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