Frank Ocean Cancels The FYF Fest, Kanye West Fills Saturday Spot

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A few days before the FYF fest, there is a big surprise in store, Saturday headliner Frank Ocean has pulled a Morrissey and his name is gone form the flyer, replaced by,… Kanye West? Amazingly, Morrissey is still headlining on Sunday night. This is what the FYF fest email is saying:

‘FYF Fest’s 12th year kicks off this Saturday at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena & Exposition Park. Kanye West will now headline Saturday night’s Main Stage. Frank Ocean has decided on his own terms to cancel his appearance.’

Nothing very specific to explain this unexpected last minute cancellation, sickness or other problem, we will never know. And at the end, is it a better deal? I guess, I was not too enthusiastic about a Frank ocean performance to cloture my Saturday night and I have never seen Kanye West live. Iman keeps praising his performances, I guess it will be the occasion to judge

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