Sebastian De La Cruz Gives An Amazing Performance, Receives A Torrent Of Racist Tweets!

By Alyson Camus | June 15, 2013

And Sebastian didn’t let the hatred stop him! He sang the National Anthem again on Thursday, wearing again a Mariachi outfit, and I don’t know if he realized how courageous it was. The awesome kid sang that shitty song with the same conviction and fervor, and, of course, without lip synching. I hope Mrs.Beyonce Carter was watching!

Television Lite June 10th – June 14th, 2013

By Helen Bach | June 10, 2013

YUCK a big fat sucky television lite this week so much so that I debated not even listing it. If there were ever a weaker week, I haven’t seen it.

Television Lite: June 3rd – June 7th, 2013

By Helen Bach | June 3, 2013

She and Him are out there too. Whining and annoying with a latte and a thrift shop dress, shut up already or find a new schtick. Maybe the heats getting to me, or maybe I just wish they’d give the little guy a shot on these shows

Television Lite: May 20th – May 24th, 2013

By Helen Bach | May 20, 2013

Check it out there is NOTHING on Thursday. After all of my years of doing this its the first time there were no musical guests listed for a day. That is actually a blessing this week considering that Bret Michaels is everywhere

Television Lite: May 13th – May 17th, 2013

By Helen Bach | May 12, 2013

I gotta warn you though, the weather is getting warmer and the concert fests are revving up- so dont spend too much time on your ass watching TV!

Television Lite: April 22 – April 26, 2013

By Helen Bach | April 22, 2013

Spring is in the air and now that all the police lines are down (or damn well should be) its time to relax. Last week was a CNN nightmare and this week is a music on television nightmare.

Television Lite: April 15th – April 19th, 2013

By Helen Bach | April 15, 2013

Fall Out Boy. I still cant seem to click with their new album. Its tough for me to shrug of the glory of “Infinity on High” for this, although I am in the minority. Is it really that good or is it a case of the prodigal son?

Television Lite: April 8 – April 12 2013

By Helen Bach | April 8, 2013

I love Jimmy Fallon so I have to say that the Tonight Show heading to NYC is pretty rad. I think Leno was just too old and out of touch for the world. I mean really enough with the car shit. Fallon is friends with Justin Timberlake, need we say more? No. So congrats JF! Its gonna be a long wait til you take over.

Television Lite: April 1st – April 8th, 2013

By Helen Bach | April 1, 2013

An endless stream of non worthy visual this week. Not a huge surprise but really cant we have a late night show that gives us awesome bands at least once a week?

Television Lite: March 25th – March 29th, 2013

By Helen Bach | March 25, 2013

You’ll notice that Jimmy Kimmel is still not gracing my list. That’s because he is redneck filth and has not redeemed himself after the Morrissey bit. He can go find a new job now or find a way to make amends.

Hel Does SNL: Joe Jackson

By Helen Bach | March 24, 2013

Look how adorably young he is here, all spiting Brit. He had yet to be Top 40 but he was on his way. Isn’t it sad how SNL has tanked when it started out as cutting edge as this?

Television Lite: March 18th-22nd, 2013

By Helen Bach | March 18, 2013

What the heck!? This is a weird week with virtually no good news on the musical front. There is Garbage, there is Kesha and there is Macklemore and Ray Lewis…

Television Lite: March 11th – March 15th, 2013

By Helen Bach | March 11, 2013

Justin Timberlake comes to New York for Saturday Night Live and stays the week with his pal Jimmy Fallon, This is the show to watch this week cuz when these two get together its a riot. There isnt much else. Musical guests are becoming a rarity.

Television Lite: March 4th – March 8th, 2013

By Helen Bach | March 4, 2013

Something missing? Yup. Starting this week Jimmy Kimmel is no longer included in my roster of what’s on for the week. I see no reason in promoting anything for someone who proved themselves to be such rancid scum. Go find your program guide if you’re interested cuz he’s dead to me.

Television Lite February 25th – March 1st, 2013

By Helen Bach | February 25, 2013

I suppose after weeks of yuck we deserved it but this really is note worthy. Considering there isn’t much new material wise the guests chosen are pretty dang fabulous.

Television Lite: February 18th-February 22nd, 2013

By Helen Bach | February 18, 2013

Hey was it something I said? There are so few musical guests this week that Im honestly stunned. It is estrogen week though considereing Lisa Loeb, Kesha and Dido, hell, wheres the Indigo Girls? If ever there was a week to get some sleep or to maybe actually go out and see a live band this is it!

Iman and Hel Do SNL: Alabama Shakes

By Iman and hel | February 17, 2013

I do like Alabama Shakes, they are an old fashioned Southern style rock band with a great song “Hold On’ that shakes, rattles and rolls like the Black Crowes meets Janis Joplin and a John Popper lookalike lead singer who is kinda hard to take your eyes off in Brittany Howard.

Television Lite February 4th – February 9th 2013

By Helen Bach | February 4, 2013

Well then lets face it kids its the week of the BIEB! Justin Bieber will be hamming it up with Jimmy Fallon (who does an awesome impression!!) and then.. dun dun dun.. he will host and musical guest Saturday Night Live!!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards, Still Sucking After All These Years

By Helen Bach | January 31, 2013

Well you didn’t do squat other than maybe buy some downloads or see their show. I have never eagerly awaited any award show. It just doesn’t matter to me on a personal level. I like Cat Stevens and The Clash and neither one are up for diddly this year- nor will they ever be.

Television Lite January 28th – February 1st, 2012

By Helen Bach | January 28, 2013

Hello new week and as the Northeast attempts to pull itself out of this massive freeze we still are wise enough to sack out in front of the TV. There is a whole lot of Train which bores me to tears. Train isn’t music- its like white noise with vocals. Its so bland that its hardly noticeable.

Televison Lite January 21st – January 25th 2013

By Helen Bach | January 21, 2013

I really wish there was a late night show that was able to focus on bands on the alternate side of things. Until rocknyc buys some air time we’re stuck with some rather weak options.

Television Lite: January 14th – January 18th, 2012

By Helen Bach | January 14, 2013

Minaj and A$AP Rocky? Hey wait are A$AP and Ke$ha related? Cuz that’d be cray. Aside from Yo La Tengo its blunt smoking ghetto ass Tuesday..hollah!

Television Lite January 7th – January 11th, 2012

By Helen Bach | January 7, 2013

HOLY Hell in a Handbag its as if the world said ‘hey Hel sorry about everything her is one day for you to not spend spewing hate and venom. Sit back, grab some pita chips and watch this!

Television Lite November 19th – November 23rd 2012

By Helen Bach | November 19, 2012

It’s Pitbull week on TV!! G’head hate Mr. 305 all you want, this Latin commodity is all over the place. He will also be ‘on the plaza’ at the Today Show the morning of the 21st

Iman and hel Do SNL: Maroon 5

By Iman and hel | November 18, 2012

That makes Maroon 5’s fourth appearance. Both Trash talk and Mellowhype are in town, whatever happened to SNL’s reputation for being cutting edge. Belushi got Fear a gig back in the day, cmon guys, how about some adventurousness once again?

American Music Awards On ABC Tonight

By Helen Bach | November 18, 2012

. I thought he was going to be immortal but this year we lost Mr American Bandstand, Dick Clark. What you may not know is that Clark created the AMA’s so its only fitting. you got it he is the winner of the American Music Awards tribute segment.

Television Lite November 5 – 9, 2012

By Helen Bach | November 5, 2012

Oh how I love Eric Idle! He’s a comedian but sings too so hush it counts and music. Who’s this weeks television winner? Craig Ferguson? Yup, he has Tenacious D and Idle woot woot

NBC's "Nashville" and Big Machine Records Rule Wednesdays

By Helen Bach | October 15, 2012

Does Big Machine sound familiar to you? Maybe not but they’re the folks who gave Taylor Swift her big break and there is more where that came from .

Television Lite October 15 -19, 2012

By Helen Bach | October 15, 2012

Those of you who saw Morrissey on Colbert may agree with me that maybe rock and roll and talk shows don’t mix (Colbert deserved a slap). Anyway this week we have the ever fabulous Paul Weller and not a hill of beans else.

Television Lite October 8 – October 12, 2012

By Helen Bach | October 8, 2012

most odd of the oddity? Morrissey on the Colbert Report. Look, Sir, I do find you the bees knees but dont try to be funny or hepped up on political satire. You sing, we’ll worry about the rest.

Television Lite: October 1st – October 5th, 2012

By Helen Bach | October 1, 2012

I am Conor Oberst and I have 24 million different things going on… if you cant keep up well, your loss. After our fantastic coverage of the solo Conor show in LA,and the pre jitters of his November Carnegie Hall gig we have his mug on TV. Only this time as Desaparecidos.

Television Lite: September 10th – September 14th, 2012

By Helen Bach | September 10, 2012

Best of all and not listed… Saturday Night LIve premieres on the 15th. What scares me is that I had to mute his performance on the MTV music awards- how the hell will I survive 2 songs on late night? Lord kill me now…

Television Lite August 28 – September 1, 2012

By Helen Bach | August 28, 2012

Well lets try this a new way. Late night TV musical guests for the out of work and insomniac. It appears Owl City and Carly Rae are the big repeaters along with a heap of repeats.

Television Lite July 23- July 28, 2012

By Helen Bach | July 23, 2012

Rufus! Rufus Wainwright starts of the television week tonight with David Letterman, but then again ARETHA! is on as well.. tonight is DVR night thats for sure.
But really its Thursday that caught my eye..well, well, well, lookit there its No Doubt!!!

Television Lite July 9 – July 14, 2012

By Helen Bach | July 9, 2012

Holy CRAP Jimmy Fallon has a killer week!! Let’s face it nearly every week I’m here complaining about how lousy the music on television is but this week.. I cant!

Television Lite: June 25-July 1, 2012

By Helen Bach | June 25, 2012

It’s been a long time since we have had a proper TV listing and I am sorry to report that there STILL is nothing on worth watching. I swear, Blues Traveler, The Offspring? Its a pathetic situation going on and really something must be done

Television Lite: June 4 -June 10, 2012

By Helen Bach | June 4, 2012

Dude sorta looks a bit like Russell Brand here but its not, its Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero’s, best of all get a load of the expression on the goof behind him. That’s quirky to say the least!

Iman and hel Do SNL: Rihanna

By Iman and hel | May 6, 2012

As this not ready for prime time hot mess oozes across my screen it has been a torture chamber and with Iman off at the Prudential Center to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers, I am stuck here to watch this crap.

Television Lite: April 30th – May 6th, 2012

By Helen Bach | April 30, 2012

Welcome to May!! This month of flowers and happiness will kick off with a week of mediocre bands and lots of bla bla bla. On the flip side there are some amazing LIVE acts coming to the Northeast so really this television bit is only for those of you who have the flu or insomnia.

Television Lite March 18-25

By Helen Bach | March 19, 2012

There will never be a series as cool as Night Flight, MTV is dead and buried and Fuse has evolved into TMZ with a soundtrack. Music on television is an idea that came and went and I blame the internet. Youtube rules the satelites

Music On Your Television Week Of December 12th, 2011

By Helen Bach | December 12, 2011

This week isn’t too bad. We have the untold story of Rick James which if done properly could be one freaky scene.

Music On Your Television

By Helen Bach | September 26, 2011

Weird week- make it fun.

Rob Harvlla Kicked My Ass And Rock Writing Still Sucks -by Iman Lababedi

By admin | January 23, 2011

The music editor of Village Voice once kicked my butt on a Phish post. We both covered a MSG gig and he was so much better than I was, I was forced to mention it in a subsequent post. He was what I was: right, lively, amusing, and then he was what I wasn’t, pitch…