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Burning Man Depressurization,Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Tuesday, September 4th, 2012, Reviewed

Living in Lake Tahoe, burning man is only a few hours away. It is a brilliant site to see all the RVs leaving the town. Annual burners always have intoxicating smiles on their face waiting to see what will come from the most sought after party of the year. Consequently, it is equally as exciting the following week to see the same RVs caked with the white desert sand and the same faces looking a bit more tired, but equally as excited to return home to tell enchanting stories of their amazing adventures. One thing, though, that is most exciting is the decompression. Every year Reno, NV gets littered with these happy faces for the following week and continues what is an everlasting party for most of these patrons. This year at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino was not at all a disappointment. Beats Antique and Mimosa were maybe the most looked forward to shows of the after parties. The PK Sound System was fresh from the Burn, and had most people putting earplugs in. However, for us purists we happily let them melt our brains for a few hours.


Beats Antique is a live trance band, which is interesting within itself. It is composed of two musicians: David Satori, who studied at the California Institute of Art and Tommy Cappel who studied music at Berkeley School of music have taken their educations along with world travel experiences and began producing a unique blend of live electronic trance and pure instrumental bass heavy experience. The third member, Zoe Jakes adds an innovative element of dance that rounds off the real art experience of the group. During their set they mentioned how they this year were not able to make it to Burning man, but instead were in the lab making new music for the Reno depressurization along with the rest of their tour. And new music was exactly what they brought to the stage. Their new albums highly anticipated arrival is expected to release September 18, 2012, but we were all preview to a lot of what I think and hope will come out on the album. This group of fascinating artists continue to be unique and innovative in a musical world where unique and innovative is becoming more and more like a distant fantasy.


Mimosa was up next, which was a perfect follow up to Beats. Mimosa is a bit more uptempo dj alternative to Beats. He, however, did go to the burn and you could see it in his expression with the energy he carried throughout his set. He played a set composed of hip-hop with dubstep sprinkled over most tracks. He is a producer/dj that can appeal to many people that may not live with the intensity of us heavy dubstep fans, but can get the ground bouncing with the best of them.


Burning man is a festival, from what I have heard, that is much different from anything else you can experience. Most of who I talk to say there is only one thing that sucks about the burn; every party you go to after that is just not as fun as it used to be. However, if you’re like me and find it tough to take a week off in the middle of the busy season, you can get a small taste by going to decompress with the burners and feel the love that eliminates the already bright city of Reno. It is tough to meet someone out there without getting a hug before you leave the conversation. Whether you are a burner or not, decompression is an experience not to leave off your calendar.


Photo by Daniel Jung

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