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Bjork's New Album Biophilia

Björk will be in residence for three weeks at the Manchester international festival this summer, and will premiere her new live show ‘Biophilia’ in six intimate events in the city, between June 30th and July 16th.
And when Björk is in charge, we know we can expect curious things happening, and according to the Guardian, ‘the show will involve specially created instruments, such as a 30ft pendulum, a hybrid between the celeste and the Indonesian gamelan and a digital pipe organ’,… pretty difficult to visualize.

The album, which was partially recorded on an iPad, will be released as a series of multimedia apps directed by Michel Gondry and in partnership with Apple. It will be the world’s first app album and these apps will be used in the live shows.

Biophilia? It is a nice name for an album, was she inspired by the Edward O. Wilson’s book ‘The Biophilia hypothesis’? I have to believe it, this hypothesis says there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living species…. I know it sounds very Avatar but this Biophilia version Björk is supposed to unite nature, science, music and the internet. Beautiful!

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