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Back When Nothing Could Stand The Pressure Of the Clash City Rockers

According to a comment on the Ellen playlist a younger version of Ms. Rudzis almost got herself croaked at a Clash concert back in the day! I am hoping Ellen will post a full account at some point and in the interim will offer these thoughts. I interviewed Clash bassist Paul Simonon back in the day, and it was around the time Sandinista was released and the absolute height of my admiration for the Clash. He was very nice and very charming and about as truthful as you can be, admitting to drug ingestion and fault lines in the united Clash front. You usually get a hooker hour (45 minutes) in those circumstances but we went to lunch and spoke for hours.
I was never the fan of the Clash that I was of the Sex Pistols. I didn’t like the way Jones played Jagger to Strummer’s Richards and I wasn’t sure about the reggae dub (at least at first) on “Police And Thieves” and “I Fought The War” and I didn’t like the complexing up then dumbing down of their career trajectory. This lead me to turn down tix to see the Clash at Bonds from the Village Voice!!! I musta been crazy— and in retrospect I think I got em very wrong. Still love Sandista but… here’s an album by album grading in order of preference, Yank releases only (though I always considered the Clash a natural born singles band) … and that’s all your Clash before Ellen stirs the pot again…
The Clash A+
Sandinista A
London Calling A
Give Em Enough Rope B+
Combat Rock B
Cut the Crap C+
Plus here are all the UK singles as listed on the website
White Riot / 1977Released 18th March, 1977, Chart peak no. 38. Taken from the album The Clash.

Capital Radio One / Interview / ListenLimited edition single, released by the NME, April 1977. Didn’t chart. Non-album track.

Remote Control / London’s Burning(live)Released 13th May 1977, against the band’s wishes. No chart info available. Taken from the album The Clash.

Complete Control / City Of The DeadReleased 23rd September, 1977. Chart peak no. 28. Non-album track.

Clash City Rockers / Jail Guitar DoorsReleased 17th February, 1978. Chart peak no. 35. Non-album track.

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais / The PrisonerReleased 16th June, 1978. Chart peak no. 32. Non-album track.

Tommy Gun / 1-2 Crush On YouReleased 24th November, 1978. Chart peak no. 19. Taken from the album Give ‘Em Enough Rope.

English Civil War / Pressure DropReleased 23rd February, 1979. Chart peak no. 25. Taken from the album Give ‘Em Enough Rope.

Cost Of Living EP: I Fought The Law / Groovy Times / Gates Of The West / Capital Radio TwoReleased 11th May, 1979. Chart peak no. 22. All non-album tracks.

London Calling / Armagideon TimeReleased 7th December, 1979. Chart peak no. 11. Taken from the album London Calling.

Bankrobber / Rockers Galore…UK TourReleased 8th August, 1980. Chart peak no. 12. Non-album track.

The Call Up / Stop The WorldReleased 28th November 1980. Chart peak no. 40. Taken from the album Sandinista!.

Hitsville UK / Radio OneReleased 16th January, 1981. Chart peak no. 56. Taken from the album Sandinista!.

The Magnificent Seven / The Magnificent DanceReleased 10th April 1981. Chart peak no. 34. Taken from the album Sandinista!.

This Is Radio Clash / Radio ClashReleased 20th November, 1981. Chart peak no. 47. Non-album single.

Know Your Rights / First Night Back In LondonReleased 23rd April 1982. Chart peak no. 43. Taken from the album Combat Rock.

Rock The Casbah / Long Time JerkReleased 11th June, 1982. Chart peak no. 30. Taken from the album Combat Rock.
Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Straight To HellReleased 17th September 1982. Chart peak no. 17. Taken from the album Combat Rock.

This Is England / Do It Now / Sex Mad RoarReleased 30th September 1985. Chart peak no. 24. Taken from the album Cut The Crap

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