Kathryn Mullen

Dragged Up By One Direction At MetLife, 2015

By Kathryn Mullen | August 11, 2015

The stage was filled with lights, and the stands were filled with smiles!!!! All I did was scream and dance. When we left my legs were killing me, no wonder. Some of the designs on the stage were like doodles, and there were so many lights…it was an amazing balance of creativity and this might be a different point of view, calmness. i thought that some of their songs were calm. When we all started screaming that got them going.

Taylor Swift At Metlife: Glamazing

By Kathryn Mullen | July 16, 2015

She is GLAMAZING (glamorous, and amazing). When I was younger, and just started to know her, she had the most beautiful voice and still does!! She inspired me to dance and sing, and I’m not just saying this, it’s true! I can’t wait another two years to see her concert because, yeah, I’ll be there without a doubt!! I love her so much!!!!!!!!!