Jim Sullivan

Oldies But Goldies: Jim Sullivan Remembered Lou Reed In 2013

By Jim Sullivan | March 17, 2016

“Before I’m gone I’d like to see myself stuffed and on display. So I’m able to bitch and moan about the look.”

Top 10 UK Albums 1-4-14

By Jim Sullivan | December 30, 2013

Christmas albums past 12-26 are like fireworks Past November 5th (English reference folks, you can use July 4th if you like), useless, embarrassing, you kinda wonder how you got suck into the entire mess and you don’t wanna even think it till after Thanksgiving.

Walk On The Wild Side: Jim Sullivan Remembers The Late Lou Reed

By Jim Sullivan | November 2, 2013

The ultimate tribute, of course, are the many children of the Velvets: bands like Luna, the Feelies, Bizarros, the Dream Syndicate, Television, R.E.M., the Strokes, Spacemen 3, Modern Lovers, Violent Femmes, Yo La Tengo and, of course, Brian Eno. There’s Eno’s famous quote about if only 30,000 people bought Velvets records all 30,000 went on to start bands.