Andre Dupuis

Madonna At Madison Square Garden, Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, reviewed

By Andre Dupuis | November 16, 2012

Overall it was an exciting two hours of fun and spectacle and it’s befitting that Madonna’s photo is next to Elvis “The King” Presley, for she is still the reigning queen of pop

PiL October 12th, 2012: A Second Take

By Andre Dupuis | October 16, 2012

The staging and lighting were excellent and John’s voice sounded the same and he gave up some angry yob stick by telling the securing guards to fuck off. His songs and the band were ok; but I think its time to put this chapter of punk behind us or at least until we get some fresh blood.

Roger Waters At Yankee Stadium: A Second Opinion

By Andre Dupuis | July 9, 2012

Roger Waters takes a stand with his political beliefs by using different animation and video effects during the show from the symbolism used to depict the futility of war by using corporate and religious icons as images of bombs being dropped from airplanes; to paying tribute to ordinary people caught in conflicts where they paid the ultimate price