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An Interview With Kevin Skaff, the guitarist of A Day To Remember

Kevin Skaff and rock nyc's Mary Magpie

I  got to interview Kevin Skaff, the guitarist of A Day To Remember at the Worcester Palladium backstage and I was beyond excited to get started. Lets go!  

Mary Magpie: "How do you feel about this tour?  You're with a lot of friends.It's like a traveling frat party!"  

Kevin Skaff:  "Yeah, always when we consider who we're touring with, we always want to include people that we like.  We never want to bring anyone we don't like.  We knew all these bands, really, except We Came As Romans, but then we met them in Australia on our last tour that we just did there I think in November.  And we thought they were really cool dudes and we brought them out and we were already really good friends with Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil so we thought it was going to be a good package.  We have complete say(of who we tour with).  There's a lot of our friend's bands that we want to bring on tour but we really can't because we feel that our fans wouldn't like them.  So that kind of sucks.  We don't only think about ourselves and what's gonna be fun for us, we want to make sure that the show is good too.  So we always just bring bands that we also think our fans are going to like a lot.  Hatebreed has submitted for a lot of our tours and I don't think that our crowds would mix very well.  But I love Hatebreed like crazy."  

MM: "Are you still in touch with your previous band Four Letter Lie?"  

KS:  "The way it happened was I quit that band and then literally two weeks after I quit the band these guys kinda picked me up as a fill- in and then after that tour was done, they asked me to be in the band and my old band thought that since it was such a quick move, they thought I quit to join the band so they wouldn't talk to me.  But, I still talk to Derek who was the drummer who recently left and is now Mod Sun the rapper.  I also still talk to Sean who was our merch guy and then he helped them out playing bass for a little while and now I don't think he's doing anything with them now."

  MM: "How'd you get all those bands together for the "All I Want" music video?"  

KS: "We always are in close contact with all our friend's bands.  We wanted to share the new record with those guys and we heard that our next video single was going to get alot of airplay with MTV and all that good stuff so we thought it would be a cool idea to share it with everybody.  I think it was a really awesome idea and it came out great.  I think it's really we kind of feel like it's the world versus us so it's this cool little underground army of bands."  

MM: "How do you feel about kids calling you guys 'sellouts', now that you have success?"

  KS: "The funniest thing that I've ever heard about fans of our band is back in the day before they even had any recorded music out, they put out "And Their Name Was Treason" which was the very first record and people called them sellouts on their first record.  It's happened to every record since.  I have no idea what's wrong with people but no matter what they just call us sellouts with every record we put out.  It's like kids want to keep you in their pocket for the rest of their lives and sometimes it just doesn't happen that way and I don't know why."  

MM: "Did you ever imagine a band of your genre to get as big as you've become?"

   KS: "No.  It was the last thing on anybody's brain that we would be even where we're at right now.  It's all just one huge surprise every day.  Everyday you see me I'm more tired.  The only break we ever really get is in December.  And that's for the holidays.  We get a couple of weeks there.  Then it's tour, week off, tour, week off.  It's awesome.  I'm having a good time.  I get to see the whole world."

  MM:  "Whats the origin of the band name. Are you named after the old movie from the 50's?"  

KS:  "No, we're not.  I haven't seen it, either.  I wasn't in the band when it was named, but I  just play the 'I wasn't in the band' card when I'm asked this.  (joking) I named the band in the sixth grade and they stole it from me."

  MM: " You recorded with Sierra Kusterbeck of Versa Emerge, is there any specific meaning in the song,  'If It Means A Lot To You'?"  

KS:  "That song just really just sums up Homesick.  It's about being away from the ones you love for really long periods of time and then coming back home to people that you love.  When it comes to lyrical meaning and that good stuff, it's open for interpretation."  

MM:  "Describe yourself in just three words."  

KS: "Awesome.  Tall.  Weird."  

MM: "What's an embarrassing or unexpected song on your iPod?"

  KS: "D'angelo's Untitled."  Sort of a 90's R&B thing. Great song

After the interview this mild mannered guy turned in to a guitar wielding beast.  What a great night what a great guy.  We wish them more and more well earned success.

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