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All Record Store Day Releases Are Here!


Of course, Dave Grohl is Record Store Day ambassador this year, the guy has been basically all over the place all the time, directing the HBO series ‘Sonic Highways’, doing concerts after concerts, releasing another crapy Foo Fighters album, interviewing Obama, inducting Nirvana at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, talking about the debuts of Washington D. C. Hardcore punk in the new documentary ‘Salad Days’, playing for the troupes with Bruce Springsteen, celebrating his birthday at the forum with an all-star cast…. I don’t even remember half of it, and when you think that people are about to get tired to see his face, he is declared this year’s RSD ambassador…. How I laughed after reading this comment…‘It’s great to see that Grohl is still around. You never hear about him anymore. He practically fell off the radar after Nirvana’.

But this happened a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday, the list of the records that will be available on Record Store Day was announced at a press conference at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, featuring St. Vincent, Kate Pierson (the B-52’s), Todd Barry and Kozmo Vinyl….and incredibly, Dave was not there!

So on Record Store Day, you will be able to get your hands on… about everything , yes, there’s a little bit of everything. You can get the full list here, as there are so many releases I can’t list all of them here, starting from Syd Barrett to A-Ha, Ryan Adams, The Black Keys, David Bowie, Buzzcocks, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Steve Earl and The Dukes, The Everly Brothers, The Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Interpol, Joan Jett, The Kinks, Bob Marley, Johnny Marr, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, OFF!, Simon and Garfunkel, Stooges, Supergrass, Vampire Weekend, Violent Femmes Wu-Tang Clan, The Zombies, Brian Wilson…. what a crazy mixed tape!

Hip blogs like Pitchfork are focusing on the young blood, with artists like: Courtney Barnett’s Kim’s Caravan 12″ (featuring the new album track ‘Kim’s Caravan’ b/w a cover of John Cale’s ‘Close Watch’), the Decemberists’ 10th anniversary pressing of ‘Picaresque’ (including a postcard set and a booklet), Father John Misty’s ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ 7’, (featuring an acoustic version of ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ b/w ‘Never Been a Woman’ on heart-shaped vinyl), Death Cab for Cutie covering Freedy Johnston’s ‘Bad Reputation’ on a 7″ backed by the original, or Vampire Weekend’s Step 12″ (featuring ‘Step’, the remix featuring Danny Brown, Heems, and Despot, and the instrumental)…

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Vegan concentrates on McLusky best-of McLuskyism getting its first-ever vinyl release, cult ’60s band Tomorrow getting a colored vinyl mono repress of their 1968 debut, Mark Mothersbaugh’s The LEGO Movie soundtrack on double vinyl, Polaris’ Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete on vinyl for the first time ever, The Saints’ second album, Eternally Yours on colored vinyl, The Stooges’ Live at Ungano’s in 1970 first time on vinyl, Johnny Thunders’ Live at Max Kansas City Vol 1 & 2 on colored vinyl, Johnny Marr cover of Depeche Mode’s “I Feel You” 7″, and Metallica’s 1982 demos on cassette.

Honestly there is so much to choose from it’s overwhelming and as expected everything is on vinyl now, does it mean we are really sticking with nostalgia? I wonder how many of these will end up on eBay. Record Store Day 2015 happens on April 18th, and meanwhile you can always read Grohl’s statement on the RSD website.

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