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3-2-1 Happy New Year!

tick tick tick Boom!

tick tick tick Boom!

Some people look back to see what’s occurred in days gone by but I don’t have time for that crap so let’s go forward.  In 2015 you can expect a new rocknyc with sassy content and more eye appeal and I do mean appeal.  We’re revamping this mo’fo to be easier on the eyes and easier to search as the content is abundant.  When you produce as much as we do here it’s easy to miss something, we’re going to make it easier for you cuz we dig you.

Music is on our mind and our mind is on the music and 2015 could blow our minds- or not.  Word has it we can expect a new Morrissey album- but who the hell knows with that guy.  A tour should follow in which he will cancel 30% of America cuz he’s sassy like that.  New releases and new one hit wonders should fill the gaps a few geezers will croak and become the best artist of all time and well the rest of us will just plod along business as usual until next year at this exact time- when we claim all the newness ahead will far surpass 2015… and so on….

In an odd and somewhat disturbing twist I would like to serious it up a bit and thank you for your readership.  In a world filled with 40 million blogs and flash its nice to know our followers not only increase but seem to be quite the smarty’s offering positive insight in a troll filled ‘net.   For the six plus years we have been doing this we have pretty much encountered every nightmare music writers can endure.  From death threats to site crashes, lost press credentials to cancelled gigs we solider through.  Well Alyson and Iman do- me I just sit on my queenly thrown tossing out a slur and opinion now and then.  I anticipate writing more in 2015, but then again I also plan on running a marathon and ending global warming so who knows.

At this moment rocknyc is twerkin’ and jerkin’ at MSG as Diplo and Skrillex thump in the New Year.  Go back to sleep, we’re gonna review it in the morning


Thanks for reading- behave yourselves out there and stay tuned for more fun…

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