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The Yankees Rock -I mean that literally (ps this is the 500th post)

As the Yanks start their post season I went in search of players at bat songs. First I found this 2004 post on ESPN.

SS Derek Jeter
“Square Dance”
After breaking out of a disastrous slump that brought him boos at Yankee Stadium, Jeter changed his at-bat music to Eminem’s “Square Dance.” He asked that track No. 5 be cued up 11 seconds to the lyrics: “People it feels so good to be back.”
Gary Sheffield
“Get Out the Way”
Alex Rodriguez
“Game Over”
Lil’ Flip
A-Rod’s music varies from game to game, and it’s not uncommon for his requests to come in on hotel stationary. From Tampa’s Renaissance Vinoy, he requested “Game Over” by Lil’ Flip, and the paper said “cue 21 seconds in.”
Jason Giambi
Wolfpack Theme”Rock Star””(Rock) Superstar”
WCW WrestlingN.E.R.D.Cypress Hill
The WCW theme followed Giambi from Oakland. Having won the AL MVP with the music, he rarely strays, but he will also request anything by Limp Bizkit.
Jorge Posada
“Tony’s Theme””Frontin'”
Giorgio Moroder (The score from “Scarface”)Pharrell
Bernie Williams
Stadium noise
Ironically, despite his musical inclinations, Williams requests no at-bat music. Why? You could say he’s superstitious: Two years ago, while the Yankees weren’t playing their best baseball, Williams approached the plate with no music and hit two home runs against the Mariners. Since then, no music.
Hideki Matsui
“Clocks””Get Back””Day Tripper””Who Are You?”
ColdplayThe BeatlesThe BeatlesThe Who
Matsui will also request Lenny Kravitz. And of course, the music folks will mix in the theme from “Godzilla.”
Ruben Sierra
“The Way You Move”
Sierra requested the OutKast song without knowing the name. So in broken English, he began singing, “I like the way you move, oohh oohh, I like the way move.” Well, Jeter, who was only a few feet away from the conversation started cracking up. Since then, Sierra’s only at-bat music is “The Way You Move.”
Tony Clark
“Living on a Prayer””Ride Wit Me”
Bon JoviNelly
Actually, Clark doesn’t make specific music requests. He leaves it up to the music folks to decide.
Enrique Wilson
Anything from The
Luis Sojo Band
As a shout out to his third base coach, Wilson will often come out to The Luis Sojo Band. He changes it up a lot, but it’s always something Latino. Last year, when Celia Cruz died, he requested only her music to pay his respects.
Mike Mussina
“The Zoo”
Jon Lieber
Tom Gordon
“Flash Gordon”

Then there is this 2009 list from the loHud Yankees Blog:

Derek Jeter: Get Up (50 Cent)
Alex Rodriguez: PSA (Jay-Z)
Johnny Damon: Handlebars (Flobots), Psychosocial (Slipknot), Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)
Nick Swisher: Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy (Big & Rich)
Mark Teixeira: I Wanna Rock (Twisted Sister)
Robinson Cano: Who’s Real (Jadakiss)
Phil Hughes: Cyanide (Metallica)
Phil Coke: Fuel (Metallica)

I found a complete list from the White Sox but they’re the White Sox… who cares…?

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