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U2 Sing Happy Birthday To Nelson Mandela

Yesterday was Nelson Mandela's birthday and U2 tape "Happy Birthday" to him at a Philadelphia concert and it was played at his bash last night.

10. I hate U2. There is very little they can do to make the world a better place, but maybe firing Paul McGuiness and making all their music available free would be a start.

2. Why Nelson Mandela? Yeah, he spent 27 years in prison. He renounced peaceful demonstration and embraced violence in the 1960s with the MK Guerillas who blew up half of South Africa.

3. He got caught.

4. Look, I'm not a moralist, it doesn't matter to me if Mandela is a mass murderer. He is a politician, most of them are. terrorism is easy: if you are in a civil and don't rule the country you're a terrorist. If you win, you are a freedom fighter. Those are the rules, live by them.

5. But it is typical of the fatheads in U2 to not have a drop of self-respect, not to have any real convictions. It is all bullshit billboards: "Give peace a chance…" Fucking liars. Hypocrites.  Really? Mandela? What a price tit Bono is.

6. And what did the majority black population do when they got South Africa? They turned it into Nigeria. And that's not racist. It isn't racist to tell people the truth because of their skin pigmentation, it is racist to NOT tell people the truth because of their skin pigmentation.A concept well above Bono's understanding. The condescending git.


Happy birthday Nelson Mandela

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