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The Load Out: Mom's On Tour 2012

( In our latest installment road warrior and drummer Donny Saraceno takes on Haitian thugs and roller coasters.  It was the best of times it was the worst of times.  In a summer filled with record heat a van load of boys make their way across the country with the most upbeat attitudes I have seen in awhile.  I'm not sure how prima dona you can be when you sleep at a Wal Mart, but the camaraderie and mishaps seen to be in endless supply. Donny reports via Blackberry, yes he types this out on on smartphone (well not that smart) and emails me the latest antics.  This kid  has mad OCD to be able to peck this out daily.  Mad props for that.

I do want to pause and say that (as Donny mentions below) the only real way to support bands these days is to grab their swag.  I will add some links below Scooters stellar performance video, grab a presrunk shirt (typo intended), their tunes or get out and see these guys.  This is what makes rock and roll real- this is how its done.  I have always been an advocate for supporting your locals.  The Moms are now officially YOUR local, cuz you know more about their day to day adventures than you know of others so give them a boost and give them a listen.  -hb)

Day 10 –
Tampa Florida baby! A lot of things to talk about today, tonight and last night wow!
First things first, cousin Sean is living it up down in Siesta Key Florida! When he lived in Jersey and we played together in Hollander we always partied, but he has the cleanest apartment I have ever seen in the south in walking distance to, according to him, "21 bars"
So last night we went out and I will try my hardest to make the story as short as possible.
The second we walked into the local bar we were heckled by a toothless, long white haired, six foot two, one hundred ten pounds wet man whom clearly knew we didn't belong. We shrugged it off until later he came over to us all at the pool table. Grabs hold of me and gets in real close to tell me that he is going to teach me a few things.
I was scared. But believe it or not, he was awesome! He taught me how to whoop ass at pool and I think I may have beaten him if the bartender hadn't kicked us out when there were only three balls left on the table.
What I can't forget to mention is the fact that I couldn't understand a word he said except for when he referred to himself in the third person as, "cowboy."
Moving on in the night, Cousin Sean kept us all up all night with his antics and proceeded to wake us up five hours later pacing the living room begging us to get up for the beach.
Took a stroll downtown to the market to get some eats where the cashier proceeded to have a seizure five minutes after all us boys cashed out. Very strange, but the EMT came quickly and I am actually unsure of what happened to him.
Got some beach time in, some color; mostly burnt sienna. Went back to the house hopped in the pool then the shower then headed to Sacred Grounds for the show.
Awesome show, awesome place, a little small so we played quietly which was actually pretty cool for the vibe of the place and night. There were some awesome other acts on the bill and we all had a lot of fun.
Sean came out and so did another friend from Jersey, Cait, whom lives down here now.
It was a cool night to have some other friends around.
We have a show tomorrow night in Ft. Lauderdale if I spelled that correctly. Then we are off for the holiday.
Hey alright well talk soon? Kbye

Day 11 – miscommunication
Todays date was three and a half hours south of Cousin Sean's house and this morning I looked in our itinerary to find that we had an eleven pm load in and an eleven forty five set time which seemed odd to me.
I had TM Scooter look into it and confirm these times as they were generally later than any of us had ever experienced. He gave a call to the promoter whom confirmed the times we had but also suggested we call his female partner whom would be running the show tonight. She did not answer but Scott left a message.
Now we here at The Moms have friends all over the country and invited about or dozen or so to come out tonight whom we are now hanging in the parking lot with .
I'll explain here –
We show up at eleven pm, when we are supposed to. The bar is attached to a tattoo shop. The tattoo shop guy informs us that the bar is not open. We become confused then look around the tattoo shop thinking we are waiting for the bar to open. Then tattoo shop guy says, they're not opening why don't you give them a call.
Turns out the female promoter is not and was never working the show tonight and the male promoter showed up at eight and closed the bar at nine and sent everyone in it and all the staff home because we had not shown up yet.
Make sense to you?
Here is a quick run down so you're as confused as I .
We confirmed twice that we would be arriving at eleven pm. He showed up at eight and closed the bar at nine because we hadn't arrived yet.
So pissed off, but were selling merch in the parking lot and may throw down some acoustic jams.
I guess were gonna head back up north an hour and a half to a relatives and start celebrating the 4th.
Fuck .

Day 12 – No Fireworks for US!
Holidays are no excuse. Often times you'll spend birthdays, thanksgivings, easters, memorial day and labor day etc. Etc. At a club across the country or at the studio. The work is never done.
We however were supposed to have off today. Which we don't really mind or not mind.
BUT – last night when we met up with some friends that were supposed to come to last nights show( (canceled)refer to day eleven) they made a few phone calls for us to get on a show tonight because wed be staying in the area. So
We are at a club in Miami. Scott stayed back with his family in West Palm and I am jealous. – they call the area we are in little Haiti. And the first local I met here referred to himself as boss, and told me he was the mafia leader. Hence – Boss.
We played first, and I think I heard there is seven bands tonight.

On another note – something a little more important about the lives of us. My beautiful girlfriend – if you know me you know my love for this girl – left  NJ last night for a five week job in Scotland at a camp called Gordonstoun. – I believe . Sorry if I spelled that wrong guys. She's been home since I left and when I get back shell be gone for two more weeks.
Touring is a constant struggle to maintain good relationships with friends alone never mind family and especially girlfriends. Seems easy – yea sure go ahead ill see you when you get back. But the being gone for a month every two months is tougher than you think.

I think I'll leave you with that.
Wait no – ill leave you with this –
Dreams do come true.
Stay positive guys. Support the tour if you can –
<3 – D

Day 13 – imperfections
Today is a driving day. Routing a tour is one hell of a fucking job and I salute anyone who does. People out of the industry wouldn't understand why were driving from South Florida to Dallas Texas right now, no stops no shows. They'd say something stupid like, "What dumbass set that up?!"
My response usually is –
You don't understand. Its not why don't we have a show between today and texas its –
You are blindly calling venues in ridiculous cities asking bars to put their best locals on a show for you three months in advance on a tuesday asking for a silly amount of money.
Oh and by the way, we were booked in Louisiana but that venue shut down.
Support your local fucking venues.

On another note, we have a lot of things going on behind the scenes I'm not sure if I can talk about, I will make some calls and let you know tomorrow if I can release info.
Something I can tell you though is that we will be getting some studio time in on this run! Get excited.
Stay tuned folks.

Day 14 – yea, we drove
All day and all night and all day again. Fuck man. I somehow managed to score the 4 am to eleven am shift. And ended up driving again at three pm, oh wait excuse that because we switched time zones! #fuck. At two pm till four again stuck in the worst heat and traffic oh lord oh lord. Finally got to the crash spot in DFW. – big ups to Paulina – the food was bangin – and hung out for a few hours.
Joe and I decided to take a ride downtown to check out some tattoo shops. (No show tonight)
Maybe it is just because I live in New Jersey and am thirty minutes from NYC so I am exposed to layers and layers of over saturated talented artists, but after today, I feel like I wouldn't get tattooed anywhere else.
We are going to continue to give shops a shot all over the country when we can but we've been pretty busy lately.
Very stoked for our three sets at six flags tomorrow – heard its gonna be 100 degrees and sunny with a 90 percent chance of tornado – (joke that was last year ) – anyone hear about how me, Scoot and Jon were in that Joplin MO tornado last year?
Much love and wish luck.

Day 15 –
It's so hot. We did Six Flags over Texas today.
Quick background about playing Six Flags is – it is different every time.
Back in the Solfege days the boys and I did a show with The Maine in the Jersey six flags, but we played three hours before The Maine on a different stage in the far left corner of the park .
Last year on the Hollander tour Jon and I hit six flags over Texas where we had a lot different of  an experience. A perfect sized stage sits in the crossroads of the park where ALL the traffic is. In Texas, it is mandatory to do a ten a.m. Load in and perform three consecutive half hour sets every hour on the hour for three hours.
To make that simple – you play a set at one thirty, two thirty and three thirty.
Last year we did two days of the park when Jon, Scooter  and I were on the School Boy Humor tour. Tons of work but tons of fun.
The Moms had one day there, today, and did the later sets of 430, 530 and 630. The sweet part is we get the flash pass shit. So we'd hit some rides on the quick and then hide in our green room which was chilling at a solid fifty degrees. Its pretty much amazing and the dude Will the sound guy is so awesome. He is basically a baseball cap, a pair of shades and a wide smile spitting out southern tongues. Very nice easy going pleasant sound guy. – we have been seeing a lot of those which is a fucking shock.
I'm not gonna get into that right now, if you're in a band, you know what I'm talking about, but I was also a sound guy for a while so – I have a mixed bag of feelings. If you were one as long as I you'd understand why they're always mad. I could go on but I won't.
 Sorry my posts are getting longer and more boring but uh, can't help it.
Big shout outs to Paulina for putting us up again and her ma for cooking again. The foods so good here.
Austin tomorrow.
Buy the record so we can make another. Amazon. iTunes. Band camp. Etc etc. Support the tour by picking up merch on the Big Cartel and watch Scooter's music video below. , ,  

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