Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The Early Bird: Top New Albums 11-3-23 – 11-9-23 Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | November 3, 2023

She would sing until you cried and then she would sing until you danced for joy

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – The Pride of Cotton Plant, Arkansas

By Steve Crawford | March 30, 2015

Sister Rosetta Tharpe had a complicated relationship with religion – she was born into the business of religion and when she performed secular music, it was always at the risk of alienating her core audience. Late in her life she stated that she wasn’t a “fanatical believer,” although that may have been more of a casual comment than a reflection of her core convictions.

The Arkansas Mixtape, Part One

By Steve Crawford | January 13, 2014

If you are traveling through Arkansas or live in Arkansas or want to pretend that you are in Arkansas, you’d like to have some local music to enjoy. Sure, you could spin some tunes that mention Little Rock, but you would rather listen to artists with true Arkansas roots