Kitty Wells

The 500 Greatest Songs of the 1950s: 430 – 421

By Steve Crawford | November 30, 2019

classic tear jerker

Country Music History – Essential Recordings of 1952, Part I

By Steve Crawford | August 29, 2016

“She was my hero. If I had never heard of Kitty Wells, I don’t think I would have been a singer myself.”

The 30 Greatest Country Songs of the 1950s

By Steve Crawford | November 5, 2013

The Board of Directors at rock nyc typically restricts these lists to 25 songs, but I pushed this list to thirty so I wouldn’t have to artificially limit the number of Hank Williams entries. I have enough to explain to St. Peter without adding that oversight to my resume. OK, let’s start drinking and cheating, 1950s style.