Kessler Theater Dallas

Iris DeMent, Kessler Theater, Saturday, February 15th, 2014, Reviewed

By Steve Crawford | February 17, 2014

There is a timeless element to DeMent, given her universal themes and the bedrock simplicity of her musical accompaniment. Beyond those aspects, it is her bravery – her emotional honesty and intelligence and passion – that makes DeMent a major artist. She is genuine and moving and a truly gifted songwriter.

Michael Nesmith, Kessler Theater, Dallas, October 30th, 2013, Reviewed

By Steve Crawford | November 1, 2013

Sporting Monkees t-shirts and bringing memorabilia that would go home unsigned, the audience response was a warm gesture of affection for the former student at Dallas’s Thomas Jefferson High School. The only negative aspect of the evening was the actual performance

Wanda Jackson, The Kessler Theater, Dallas, Texas, September 27th, 2013

By Steve Crawford | September 29, 2013

Jackson talked extensively throughout the set, with her longest stories being about her personal relationships with America’s two predominant spiritual icons – Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ. Elvis convinced Wanda to transition from country music to rock ‘n’ roll. And, “Yes, he was a good kisser.”