Don Henley

Rockumentary Review: Immediate Family

By Eileen Shapiro | November 16, 2022

There are always angels everywhere

Don Henley Ejects A Fan From A Show For Shouting Don Felder’s Name

By Alyson Camus | November 15, 2015

‘Don Felder’… And the fan continued, ‘Don Felder taught Tom Petty how to play guitar.’…. Which really got on Henley’s nerves: ‘OK, that’s it, you’re outta here, and I had security escort him out,’ he told Mlive.

Don Henley Is Still Pissed Off By Frank Ocean, And He Hates Kanye

By Alyson Camus | October 2, 2015

‘Some of these young kids have grown up in a world that doesn’t understand or respect copyright material or intellectual property. They look at songs as interactive playthings.’…‘I didn’t think he was cool, I thought he was a talentless little prick. And I still do.’

Don Henley Releases Two New Songs, Review And Stream Them Here

By Iman Lababedi | July 23, 2015

It is such a disappointing, dreary song three times in and I want to do something else with my life. It singlehandedly justifies Patrick Stickles entire existent. A long term romance goes kaput and personally, I don’t blame her.