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Songs from Village Vanguard posted on

Her performance at the Village Vanguard last Saturday must have been something very special but on the clips posted on it is a little hard to tell. I have heard (and watched) three songs and they are all wonderful from what I can see. She uses a pianist and a stand up bassist but I can’t see anybody else… the stage is tiny, and Streisand, in a lovely black dress, looks immaculate.

Forty-eight years after she opened for Miles Davis, Streisand appears to have lost absolutely nothing, neither top nor bottom, she is all beauty, all emotion. Or she can belt em out and pulll you in, Yesterday she had “Here’s To Life” posted and it is a lively, fun song, today it’s down but “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning”, “Make Someone Happy” and a rip roaring “If You Go Away” are available -all performed on her new album love is the answer.
Though the songs are intimately performed, the opening shot of each song is from Streisand’s panning to her husband James Brolin sitting in the audience. This gives the impression that she is singing only for Brolin and it is a bit strange but it can’t take away from her wonderful and warm vocals. Check it out.

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