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The Playlist Labor day, 2009: Bang the Drum Slowly

Instruct Me – The Drum
I Felt Stupid – The Drum
Florida’s The Drum were invited to play NYC Funfest -the prestigious indie get together, for their first ever concert. The duo Jonathan Pierce of Elkland and Jonathan Graham of Horse Shoes may have the creds and may have killed at Funfest, but these are not the sunny surf songs I’d been promised. “Instruct” is a Joy Divisiony rip and “I felt Stupid” an ordinaryish indie pop song with a real good chorus and a verbal hook that’ll catch you. Not bad, not the second coming.

Crying Lightning – Artctic Monkeys – This is the one good AM song I mentioned in an earlier post.

Sarah – Diplo
Waymore – Diplo
My old pal Remy forwarded these two songs by the Floridian DJ more famous for nailing M.I.A. This is a huge difference between Remy and I: I’m a trouble and bass type guy, you say Bass, I say louder, faster. Remy enjoys these half time dream songs. Having said that, the track on “waymore” sounds like it was taken from a 1964 Miles Davis concert.

Jump (the Malncek Club remix fetauring Nelly Furtado – Like this and like that.

Ask -the Smiths
The One – Slaughterhouse
LOL 🙂 – Trey Songz – A nursery rhyme about sexting.

A New England – Billy Bragg
A New England – – Kirsty Maccol – Never much cared for the bridge she wrote but her additional verse does more than add a line, it completes the picture of rejection.

Wishlist – Pearl Jam
Why Can’t I touch It – the Buzzcocks
Jennifer Eccles – – the Hollies – a nursery rhyme about teenage pregnancy

The Anthem (feat Lil Jon) – Pitbull
I Know You Want me (English Extended Mix) – Pitbull
Hotel room Service – Pitbull
I’ve dug this Latin American rapper since The Boat in 07 guy amnd both of the smash singles deserve it, especially “”want Me” with an inspired sample off Chicago’s “Street Player”. But what’s with him beating up an audience member in Miami after inviting him on stage?

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