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New Music w/o 6/8: The Boom Boom Pow Continues; odds and sods

Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas
I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
From “The Energy Never Dies” -their new album- and it’s true, the energy just keeps pumping. “Rock That Body” is awesome dance music -not “Boom” but what is? It still stomps and moves, “Feeling” starts off as indie rock before stomping all over with the call to party “tonight’s gonna be a good night”. I was never that big a fan of these cats but really, how long can you fight the irresistable tug of Will I am? And why bother. This is the pop album of the year so far.
Come Wander With Me – British Sea Power
No Intention – Dirty Projectors
The experimental side of indie rock. BSP were coming up fast last year, so fast i missed them. “Come Wander With Me” is a highly atmospheric interpretation of a song once featured in a Twilight Zone episode. It is a haunting, lo fi (for this sometimes very hi fi) band and interesting but not arresting. “No Intention” was a high light Friday night and is even better here. Dirty Projectors are a unique band put I can’t put my finger on why. Imagine Richard Thompson covering Pavement around the time of “Wowee Zowee”. “Bitte Orca” is the thrill of the new and like any populist, I love the new more than anything.
Money, Compliments, Publicity – Todd Snider
Not Now – Little Boots
For What It’s Worth – Placebo
Antenna – Sonic Youth
I am a caffeine addict and one day I bought a bottle of instant coffee and pretty soon I was thru the majority of it when, at 545am on a Wednesday, I realized it was caffeine free. I couldn’t drink it any more. I got dressed and when to my corner deli and bought a new bottle of the real mccoy. I am not just punning on Placebo here. I was thoroughly enjoying “Antenna” till I looked up and saw it was Sonic Youth. Now I think it sucks. Really, I liked it and now I don’t. It’s a tighly wound piece of proto-indie rock but please don’t trust my opinion. Placebo were going to be the next Bowie -how’s that going boys? Eyeliner treating you well? Little Boots is one of those electro pop girls you can’t throw a shoe without hitting and Todd Snider reminds me of Warren Zevon if Warren Zevon was pretty damn average. Still anybody whose throwaway lines include “I feel broken like the ten commandments” can’t be that bad: this is more pretty than average.
Make Her Say – Kid Cudi
Supermagic – Mos Def
Boyfriend # 2 – Pleasure P
Pleasure P’s “#2” delivers and then some, a catchy pop confection that’s bound to be a huge hit. This guy and Flo Rida are giving all the older blokes like the Dream a run for their money. This song is instantaneous and combustible. Kid Cudi was discovered on Myspace and is now playing with Kanye West and Common (Common? Sheesh.) This isn’t a great song, I like the background ohohs, indeed the sample is pretty good, but the rapping is a little obvious. Mos Def really does repay concentration with surprises. This is a good song i can’t be bothered listening that hard to.
Living For the Night – George Strait
Caroline – Rhett Miller
Like Love – Rhett Miller
Sometimes – Rhett Miller
After seeing both Miller and the band he leads Old 97’s live many times I have reached the conclusion the only reason he doesn’t use Old 97’s on his solo album is because he doesn’t feel like it. 97s rock harder and there is more quality control otherwise who cares? Anyway, “Live Love” is the keeper here but the other two are sorta fair to middling plod rock. Not bad. Not great. If you wanna hear him solo I recommend the superior “The Instigator”. Nothing on the newbie compares to, say, “No baby I’ off last years 97s “Blame It On Gravity”. What Strait and Miller have in common is they’re both journeymen, great journeymen. “Living for the Night ” is country plod but good country plod.
Fear Of the Dark – Iron Maiden
The Sun Is Down – Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band
There is only twice I’ve detested Yoko Ono. 1) her presense in the “Let It Be” album was beyond annoying. 2) Her side of “Live At Toronto” was unlistenable. Otherwise I’ve really liked her stuff and this is a sexy piece of electro pop (it’s also a remix so it might be bleeping and repeating a bit more than the original). “Fear Of The Dark” is a tremendous amount of fun and worth buying if only for the audience singalong at the begining or Bruce davidson shouting “Argentina” and cackling. Iron Maiden have been in town a coupla times in the past years and I regret missing them. Next time we will all be there.
Did you see Chris Issac and Leann Rhimes singing numbers from The Lonely Island’s “Incredibad” on the MTV Film Awards. Is there anything funnier than pop stars singing stupid lyrics with a straight face?
Is it just me or is “Relapse” a great album that the critical establishment have decided not to like much? OK, I’m tire of the mom stuff as well and the sincere one is a drag and that’s it. I read people saying Dre was doing just the same old tricks. Oh, please. Who would you prefer to be listening too? Busta Rhymes? Snoop? This is the real thing, “3am” is one of the songs of the year, “Crack the Bottle” a hoot mon, “We Made You” a celebrity slapdown, “Underground” the return of Slim. Actually, the album is schitzophrenic and scary: Slim and Eminem fighting it out, Slim the rapist maniac, Eminem the drug addicted Elvis of rap. Either way stardom has driven the rapper completely out of his mind. This is entertainment like being stuck in a traffic jam in front of a car accident and watching them drag out the bodies.
I am gearing up to do a blog on the brilliant singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw, I figure I’ll do an overview reviewing and grading every album and end with a review of his excellent new album “Jaggedland”. So I figured I’d check out what my peers (actually, superiors: they get paid to write this stuff) had to say and went on “Metacritic”. This was the message I got back: “Your search for marshall crenshaw yielded a total of 0 results , displayed below.” They’re all too busy remembering the name of Costelllo’s latest.
Tomorrow: Costello at Beacon, Booker T at Joe’s pub. Choose one but do choose one.
Finally, before I continue to lacerate costello’s latest on thursday, you might want to read this excellent review from “I F Magazine”. I disagree with it nearly entirely but I really like whoever wrote it lots and lots.

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