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My Fave Tracks, Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

1. 1. Hold My Breath (feat Holy Ghost) – Woflram – I am still working my way through Wolfram but goddam, every thing Holy Ghost touches sounds ten times better. This is a semi-martial disco groove.

2. Dixie – St. Mary's Choir – If i had to pinpoint the difference between rock and minstrel, it would be that minstrel is writen on piano. Melody wise? This has to time.

3. Katy On A Mission – Katy B – I missed this the first time around, but as the album hits big time in the UK, it is worth putting her itn her rightful place between Eliza Doolittle and Jessie J.

4. Rhapsody in Blue (Intro) – Brian Wilson – If I could afford it, I'd go a buck and a quarter if only to hear him play all minute or so if this in person.

5. Sweat – Snoop Dogg – Wanna know how great Fuett is? Listen to this whatever original.

6. Your Friend – Wesley Wolfe – Off the odessa compiliation.

7. Dear Insanity – Asking Alexandra – Can't hear the kick against these guys. Not bad kiddiecore.

8. Perfect day – Jim Jones – Pretty good alt rock plus rap by an also ran

9. Freak Scene – Dinosaur Jr – That guitar riff is so melodic it seems to be heralding grunge.

10. Thrash City – Poly Styrene

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