My Fave Tracks, Monday, May 9th, 2011

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1. Crazy Rhythms – The Feelies – The band with the perpetual skittishness break a melodic drone for a drum olo before sealing their date as a great band waiting to show how diffedence can, er rock.

2. If You Wanna – The Vaccines – Off their daytrotter session, indie rock 2011 with a noisy disposition.

3. She wolf – Shakira – Her most eccentric achievement. It is like being attacked by a rabid chichuahua.

4. Pop Your Balloon – Beastie Boys – Are their any memorable rhymes on this album? Not really but they nail the occasional sample.

5. It's Getting Better (Man!!!) – The problem is, everybody had wizened up to tNoel was less about good vibes, more the side effects of the cocaine. It wasn't addictive, though the headache was a brute… still, you could buzz all night before you dropped.

6. I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles – Wait a sec, they wrote this on piano?

7. Changing – The Airborne Toxic Event – Springsteen for folks with ego deficiency.

8. Just A Friend – Biz Markie – Remember, EVERYTHING IS BORN IN INNOCENCE.

9. Master Of Art – Laura Stevenson And the Cans – Beyond sensitive, this is both girlie folk and indie rock. MAybe a great for 2011.

10. Hypnotico – Jennifer Lopez – Lady Gaga's best moment of 2011


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