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Magpie and Hel Do SNL: Justin Bieber

Justin FREAKIN Bieber man.. can you believe this Canadian pup star is such a mega super hero now?  Girls STILL scream bloody murder at the sound of his voice.  Eighteen years old and he owns the world.  Despite smoking weed and his idiotic fans cutting themselves he really has been scandal free.   That's the sign of some fine management. 

Personally I like Jimmy Fallons impersonation of Bieber better than Bieber but I'm just that way.  The limping Saturday Night Live has grabbed this kid as host and musical guest in hopes of…….anything.  SNL is getting more fame from its digital shorts then it is for its actual skits.  Pathetic really.  I despise the show and I cant recall the last time a musical guest has held any interest for me- what is this crap and why are you watching?

Hey we do this for you…… a brief blast on what went down on NBC while you were off doing better things.  After hauling snow all day from the Blizzard of 2013 bundled up and burrowed in a blanket is where I want to be.  The issue is do I want to be watching this? 

"As Long As You Love Me", done in acoustic by a mesh tank top wearing boy is so homo erotic I got a bit embarrassed.  I can say this is his voice is really pretty but I don't get the screaming teenaged bit.  I ain't feeling that at all and I cant see him as an adult performer. So figure this cat has maybe 3 years left?  Is he white?  Oh yeah.. he is and if he doesn't stop doing that dumbass soul singer jiggle I'm gonna scream.

Surprise its Mary Magpie chiming in with "Bieber tries too hard vocally, but his range has definitely improved.  He has less of a boyish quality and less of an annoying popstar generic sound.  He can almost appeal to a more indie crowd with this acoustic version.   I don't hate him."

No one does.. nobody.

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