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Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 10-3-13

Lyn Bowtell could break into Nashville with this one

1. Used To You – Lyn Bowtell – An inspired rip of “Brilliant Disguise” and it won’t be dropping till early 2014, but get ready because this is one brilliant country-folk ballad by a woman who should try her hand at rock and roll – A

2. Brilliant Disguise = Bruce Springsteen – From what stands as one of his greatest statements even if all he is saying is love can lead to disaster – A+

3. How They Want Me To Be – Best Coast – From their best album, their second best song about the loneliness of fame – A

4. My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder – This song is so great people don’t sing the hook they sing the melody line – A+

5. See How We Are – X – They haven’t been playing this on the Blondie tour… weirdos – A

6. The Last Day – Moby, Skylar Gray – Jesus, Moby, is this what it has come to? Hoping Kendrick samples you? – B

7. We’re All The Way – Kelly Willis And Bruce Robison – This is the real stuff, a gorgeous country ballad by two giants – A

8. Arts & Crafts – The Lawsuits – These guys are original rockers who sound like 1980 post-punk New Wavey strangeness – B

9. We Got Love (feat Reggie Watts) – Shit Robot – Reggie is the comedian, Shit robot the DFA DJ, this is a vibrating, strange and lovely groove – A

10. Faded Love – George Jones – Off a Jones sing Bob Willis album, and I realize you know the Patsy Cline version, but I also know, Jones gets closer to the songwriters intentions – A

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