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Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 10-19-13

her babies in one hand, she has a phome in the other

1. Goodbye Don’t Mean I’m Gone –  Carole King – Off her Tapestry album follow up, Carole took to the mountains in California and tended to her daughter. But she was still a round – A

2. I Like Your Style – The Bots – The Lei Brothers in action, dig them crazy cymbals – B+

3. Alive – Pearl  Jam – Over sung and over whelming but I guess we can forgive Eddie for being a drama Queen now – B-

4. The Ballad Of Sean Foley – Maria Taylor – This is the one she wrote with Conor Oberst, sounds to me like Maria owns the melody – B+

5. Emotional Rescue – The Rolling Stones – I still don’t like the spoken portion – B+

6. Up & Up – ARMS – Best song off the new EP? Actually second best, but those guitars sound awesome – A-

7. 5:17 – The Bots – Cali Afro Punks take a lick as far as it can go – B+

8. I Will See You In Far Off Places – Morrissey – One of his greatest songs either solo or with the Smiths: with its Arabic sound and deep emotional connection and… “if your God bestows protection upon  upon you and if the USA doesn’t bomb you”. Listen to the way he drags USA… – A+

9. Jeremy – Pearl Jam – Heavy mead, it made em stars but people were more depressive in the 1990s – B

10. Something About Knowing – Maria Taylor – This is maybe Maria’s best song ever, it answers every complaint about BPMs and adds yet another lovely melody – A

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