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Groupie Girls

Chris O’Dell went from being an assistant to the Beatles to being an assistant to the Stones to being an assistant to bob Dylan and slept with Starr, Jagger and Dylan. “It was almost part of my job description,” she would explain. “Have sex with Mick whenever he wanted it.”
We are not talking Penny Lane here, this is the World Series of star fucking and in the 60s when Groupiedom was at its height, these band aids were members of the entourage in some cases, following and fucking rock stars. And written about as well. Harrison wrote “Miss O’Dell,” Jagger, somewhat less complimentary, “Star Star” and Zappa actually formed a band of groupies, The GTO’s.
By the 70s Groupies were a perk but a more abused perks… at punk clubs they were a pecking order of bands and girls willing to perform sex acts (“Fifteen minutes of squelching” as Lydon memorably put it) for pimply faces post-pubescent boys they wouldn’t have spat on in a disco a year before.
And today the ease of sex for hip hop and rock hopefuls is legion: it comes with the territory and is one of the perks of the job.
So what gives?
In the 60s the sexual revolution (aka the ability for women to have sex without getting pregnant) lead directly to a loosening of not the true morals of the species but the way in which it was discussed in public. The hypocrisy in sexual mores was being negotiated (this lead directly to the loss of the Church’s leadership position in post-war and during war USA) in public and were once sluts were now freedom fighters.
But though the terms were new groupies were an old type experience -I’m sure the Roman Gladiators had their fair share… and so that old black magic proximity to power or to desire or to the whole sale selling of a sexual being as mass entertainer pace Presley was leading girls and boys down a dead end street. In the late 70s there was a funny inversion with bands like the GoGos ringing up cute boys like calling for room service (I saw some pretty funny old video once) but it was really the exception not the rule because girl pop stars were fucking their male peers (chicks like Juliana hatfield pointedly noting that they only slept with thin, sensitive lead singers.
Still, the advent of women into the ranks of the rock star (take a bow Liz Phair) meant that the groupie on some level lost her clout and by today the groupie as she exists is really just an easy nailing at a rock club. You can see em at Mercury Lounge at the side of the stage and they aren’t the dazed matriarchs of pop groups of the 60s: they aren’t being conned or considered anything more than the once over twice they not only pretend to be but are and will be back at their nine to five in the morning with another scalp on their cell vid camera to laugh at with their buddies. It seems to take the power away from the rock stars a little when instead of the sixties promiscuousty as gift to the famous and soulful and very fuckable malchicks of rock fame but a sneering somewhat sarcy add top a growing collection where the act of sex isn’t some kinda mythic exchange of psychic power but a twist and kick of jolt cola fun and games.
So what happened? Rock musicians have become ubiquitous and though a greater percentage are men there is a fair amount of women and when something is so available its cachet goes through the window: fucking rock stars is like eating caviar for breakfast. Once its done what is to do with it? Plus in the instantaneous, life as a reality fun coaster up and down and share and share the indiscretions of the morally awkward pop world is too self-evident, too easy to share and be seen. Be careful or your dick will be on while you’re still wiping her saliva. Plus, you’ll get your ass sued for rape, or child support, or both… Who do you fuck? Who do you wanna abuse? Groupies don’t exist the way they do because EVERYBODY IS A STAR and so there is zero submission, everything, even meaningless sex, even serious love, is a negotiation in the wide eye of public. And so A Chris O’Dell in 2009 woulda sued SOMEBODY -somebody else woulda been responsible for her acts which is really a form of self-loathing in a way fucking rock stars isn’t. Not even the chicks who fucked Motley crue hated themselves because wanted to fuck somebody who you really dig and admire is a form of SELF LOVE of being good enough for em while as saying you did it because you were tricked is a sense of self-hatred.
Anyway, while women are still fucking people for reasons other than straight up sexual attraction (that’s the knock, right?) the groupie as “I’m with the band” part of a lifestyle, so close to what they want in burns their hand, that’s dead and buried. Some girls, right? Some girls…

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