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Exclusive Interview With Joe Steinhardt On Reforming For Science

"Some  of these I cannot really answer because I don't know the answer yet."  So says Joe Steinhardt in a mix of emails and a phone conversation about some of the questions I've thrown at him regarding For Science  playing at next years Don Giovanni Showcase.

For Science was always Joe Steinhardt on guitar and writing the songs, John Slovan on vocals, and a revolving rhythm section on the three releases, first album Revenge For Hire (which is being released on vinyl by Don Giovanni records next year) the EP Way Out Of Control and the swan song Tomorrow's Just Another Day.  

The band broke up, when, truly way out of control, Slovan disappeared while tripping and the always unruly band, disbanded.  Their last concert was a Don Giovanni Showcase in february 2009.Three years later they're back.

"John came back to New Brunswick and is living with his parents and while I haven't seen him much, we have kept in touch with texts and email. One day John texted me joking around about how we should get together and it snowballed from their."

The new line up will be the same as their last album, Don Giovanni records co-owner Zach Gajewski and friend Brian Gorsegner providing the rhythm section. The band begins rehearsal on December 22nd.  for now, it is a one off, miss it and you're screwed. "But we haven't even played together yet so if rehearsal goes well, we have fun on stage, who knows what happens. but I can't speak for the rest of the guys; I just don't know."

Which is why Joe can't answer questions about touring, new material or recording at this time. He does state that there will be no new songs at the concert and no Modern Hut material.  

On the Modern Hut front, Joe tells me he has written even more new songs and will be recording them in January. The eagerly anticipated debut album, Generic Treasure, should be released soon after.

As for February 11th, at MHOW? "We will be trying to play all the songs people would want to hear?" Let me make the decision easy on you Joe: play every song you've ever recorded in order from first to last.

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