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Don't Stop Me, You Haven't Heard This One Before: Andy Rourke Joins Johnny Marr For Final Song At MHOW Last Night!

Yes folks, the dream Helen Bach and a sold out crowd of ravenous Smiths fans all dream of, for the final song of Johnny Marrs gig at Music Hall Of Williamsburg last night, Marr introduces one of the greatest musicians in the world (no quotations, I was so in shock I forgot to take notes!), his childhood friend, his felllow band mate before the Smiths and the man Marr brought in to play bass for the Smiths, Mr. Andy Rourke.

Rourke looks his age and though he dresses better than Marr, the haircut has to go. Rourke lives in New York and has a show on East Village Radio so there must have always been the possibility of him showing up.  The band take on “How Soon Is Now” and to call it a thrill -and a thumb on nose to the prickly Morrissey, the two seemed to capture the past in a time capsule and the sound had the immaculate tension as well as the best guitar solo the song has managed in a live performance.

Marr’s claim of lifelong friendship (despite the fight over royalties) is moving in its own way and really a testament to Marr who has the reuptaion of one of the nice guys of rock and roll. Apparently, Moz has simply cut off all ties because, well, because Morrissey is Morrissey and Marr’s graciousness towards Rourke was a study in contrasts.

Remember, Rourke really was a major factor in arranging these Smith songs and to see the two friends together again was a thrill and musically delirious moment.

The difference between half the Smiths and all of Morrissey is that Morrissey has been playing these songs for decades but they are fresh to Marr and especially with Rourke on hand, it felt like the closest we will get to a reunion. My full review will be up tomorrow.

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