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Wu-Tang Clan Set Up A Pop-up Shop In Los Angeles

Wu-Tang Clan Set Up A Pop-up Shop

Wu-Tang Clan Set Up A Pop-up Shop


Forget about streaming and selling vinyl, we all know that bands make most of their money from touring and selling merchandise. Since touring is out of question right now, their only option is merchandise but since merchandise is mostly sold during concerts and tours, it’s a financial dead end which has probably affected many bands these past few months.

Without any apparent reason, or anything new to promote, legendary hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan set up a pop-up shop in the middle of the very fashionable Melrose neighborhood; as expected, it was a great success. The shop was small and, COVID-19 precautions obliged, couldn’t hold many people at the same time, so the line got very long and very slow, but people didn’t care about waiting for hours under the very hot sun, in order to have access to exclusive Wu-Tang Clan apparel. Today, music fans do not have much to consume, and I haven’t waited to enter any venue for about 8 months, with the exception of supermarkets of course. So, I guess it was the right time to bring back some excitement: let’s make people anticipate something else than toilet paper and cereal boxes.

Inside, the shop was certainly very small and not very much stocked – size small t-shirts had already sold-out – but fans had to choose between an assortment of streetwear, from Wu-Tang Republic hoodies to Park Hill t-shirts (Wu-Tang Clan now has its own district in the Park Hill section of Staten Island with a mural) to C.R.E.A.M. bomber jackets/anoraks, to a fancy collection of footwear models… There was also some crossover with the Lakers, the Clan has been compared to a basketball team for a long time, and in particular to the famous Lakers.

It was overpriced of course, from $50 for a shirt, up to $450 for a jacket, but fans were leaving the place with bags and a smile on their face. The pop-up shop will be open till Sunday, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Pop-up shops should happen more often, it’s a way for bands to stay connected with their fans, in particular during this crazy pandemic. It’s also a way for them to make some money when they cannot tour. They just should not forget to stock up in smaller sizes…

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