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Why Are Major Music News Outlets Silent On The Cobain-Silva-Lutfi Drama?


Lutfi and Cobain


A few days ago, there was an article on Radar On Line reporting that Britney Spears’ former manager Sam Lutfi had been accused of kidnapping and attacking Frances Bean Cobain’s ex husband, Isaiha Silva. Of course many people don’t take news outlets like Radar on Line seriously, it’s a tabloid after all, but now that the police report (see below) has surfaced on the internet – although some names have obviously been blacked out – there is not a doubt this incident really happened. Radar On Line had all the details correctly, so I don’t doubt Sam Lutfi was one of the aggressors.

An incident like this one is serious, it involves Lutfi, who was all over the news after his court battle with Britney Spears 2 months ago, and the ex-husband of a rock heiress, Frances Bean Cobain. Still, no major music news outlet is reporting about it, nothing in Rolling Stone, Spin or Pitchfork which never hesitate to report on the smallest fight or brawl or the most trivial piece of news about Courtney Love (Spin are you there?). Only a few blogs and tabloids are reporting about it, but the majors are very silent. Why is that?

One interesting point is that Lutfi was Courtney Love’s manager, and it is difficult to think it is just a coincidence. Lutfi is a very shady character, who had three different restraining orders against him in 2008, unrelated to Britney Spears. He is said to have preyed on vulnerable female artists (like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes), and Courtney Love has always been a big supporter on social media. I will let you draw the conclusion you want. At the top of this, TMZ (another famous tabloid) was reporting this week that cops were on guard while Frances Bean was moving out of the house she was sharing with her husband. According to some law enforcement sources, the police got a call to “keep the peace” because of a prior incident. The mystery deepens, where they referring to the incident with Lutfi or another one? Why do they need the cops when she takes her stuff out?

At the end, I don’t know what all this means, what was Lutfi’s intentions and why he stole Silva’s cell phone (was there valuable info on it?). But why isn’t this incident all over the news? If Rolling Stone can report on any brawl between rappers, on any insignificant lawsuit, why not saying a word about a fight between an infamous manager and the ex husband of the progeny of rock ‘n’ roll royalties? Was it not news-worthy or was it a bit too dangerous?


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