Where Is Frank Ocean?

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When Frank outed himself in 2012, after the release of his epic and much lauded channel Orange (An album I had problems with at the time, but have now come round to) and was still working with Jay And Bey, it appeared he had managed to survive the notoriously homophobic hip hop communities black balling of gay people. Stew and Heidi were about to do an entire musical about it, that was the initial storyline of “The Total Bent”.

But it seemed that life had changed, that the black community as a whole and the hip hop specifically had finally grown up.I mean, a talent has prodigious as Ocean’s wouldn’t, really couldn’t, be ignored because he had written a love song to a man (all we actually know about the situation)? It isn’t possible.

So where is he?

Did Frank Ocean NOT get away with being gay in hip hop? Did in get drummed out in the middle of the 2010s for his sexual orientation, or did he just chapelle it on his own terms? How is it possible he didn’t release a follow up? I think we should be told,


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