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Where Are The Adele Tickets For radio City Tomorrow???


So, where are the Adele tickets to Radio City Music Hall?

Or rather, where is the email saying “sorry, you didn’t get em but thanks for playing.”

The gig is tomorrow and if anybody knows anything about what is happening, I am sodded if I know who it is. Nothing on facebook, nothing on her website, nothing from Shaam or radio stations, nothing anywhere. Hell, we don’t even know how many they are releasing.

This is so bad mannered and typical, why are we holding up a day for something that is never ever gonna happen. Why not just tell everybody. Hell, you don’t even have to send us an email. Just make an announcements, winners have been notified, the rest of you can fuck off.

This isn’t even bad manners, this is just pathetic. I was thinking that either a) it was some plot to keep it out of the hands of ticket brokers or b) Paris had spooked her, but any which way the silence has been deafening. Somewhere someone is holding all these tickets and flights to New York and nobody knows what’s happening.

The only thing that makes any sense is that they’ve told the winners and ignored everybody else, in which case somebody needs their heads handed to them for failing to say hello to fans who have been waiting to find out who the hell has won the damn tickets.



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