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What’s Poppin: Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Beyonce: I bet the rent she is an egotistical, don’t look me in the eyes, ego monsters. Hell, her use of black children and African history as props to her Queen Of All She Can See, is even getting backlashed. The trailer is almost scary in its African Centric self love. Let’s hope the music makes it…

Death, Death, And Death: John Saxon, the actor from “Enter The Dragon” and dozens of guest star roles in the 1970s and 1980s, the great blues guitarist and Fleetwood Mac “Albatross” Peter Green, and the acerbic and sweet talk show host Regis Philbin. Olivia De Havilland, Hollywood royalty.

More Death: as the pandemic rages out of control throughout the Red States, here at Blue we patiently wait for the virus to spike again here in New York.

Can Trump Do It Again: I have no clue, maybe, if Biden can keep quiet…

SAVE STEREOGUM: Donate to keep us in business and get our exclusive ’00s covers album!: I know they were an indie, then they were bought by Spin, and then by some holding company, are they indie again? Either way, let’s hope Stereogum does not become another victim of Covid…

Baseball: just as we settled into the truncated season, 12 members of the Marlins tested positive for Covid-19. Among the many things MLB didn’t take into account was a thunderstorm, as occurred last week when a  downpour at the Braves during an exhibition game made social distancing in the dugout impossible. Now… watch the dominoes drop…

Short Story: after writing something like a dozen short stories last year, this year I haven’t been feeling it as Covid-19 has made fact much, much stranger than fiction. Though I do have this story starting to work its way into my consciousness: a man contracts the virus on purpose to give  his grandfather and get his inheritance.

Google Employees to Work From Home Until Summer 2021: my company is in no big hurry to get us back either, I assume that office life as we’ve known it since the end of WWII is coming to an end… what will happen to office romance? What will happen to company identity? What will happen to New York City? Happy hour?

The 21st Century’s first twenty years: have all been about segregation and paranoia. The internet insulates us, 9-11 insulates us, the Trump years insulates us, and covid-19 goes one better. But maybe that is better. It is possible that a mix of over population of the species and the making of urban societies is not natural for the species. Perhaps we would be better off if we did congregate in much smaller numbers.

Old Age: There is no such thing. Olivia De Havilland just died at the age of 104 and she is still too young. Given our collective, historic memories, our lifespan is a tease, as soon as we are old enough to figure it out we are too old to do anything about it. The best thing about 2020 is that, counter intuitively, everything is speeding up, societal changes we would have died before seeing are happening in a rush, we are getting a glimpse of a hundred years into the future…

Even More Death: there is one thing that hadn’t much changed, if you compared the 1959 Midtown Manhattan of, say, “North By North West” it is the exact same as the 1988 “Working Girl” as the office I went to work at every day, that New York was my New York and with the exception of the occasional terrorist attack it had been the same since February, 2020. And now it is dead. I don’t know what will replace it , or how, but I know it won’t be North By North West…

Great Depression No  2 : The jobless benefits will lapse and that will lead to worlds of trouble if they don’t fix it immediately. In question is the $600 a month add to existing out of work Federal insurance. Congress wants to cut it from $600 to $200, I’d like to see any of these professional politicians try to live on $200


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