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What’s Poppin: England Wins The World Cup (In 1966)

I maintained “Live Through This” for months after there stopped being live music but I skipped this week (it would have been Rage Against The Machine), and am putting the column to bed till, when, if, we ever get back to live performances. Instead here is a newish column  What’s Poppin (named for Jack (only the second post), which I will use to warehouse things I don’t want to write a complete post on…

Jack Charlton: Bobby’s brother, died last week. thelped England win the World Cup in 11966. I was nine years old on vacation in Majorca, and watched it on the hotel I was staying ins common room hotel, with the acception of game one of the 2000 World Series, the most exciting game I ever saw. He went on be manage Ireland (describe as a minnow by NYT) and get them to the Finals thereby changing the face of Irish football (er, soccer)

R&RW: I was thinking about the new Bob Dylan album, which I love, but I don’t love it the same way I loved “Desire” or “Blood On The Tracks” (though it is better than “Desire” – I don’t listen to it the same way, I don’t connect to it, I don’t have it memorized, and pretty soon I will listen to it the same way I listen to “Tempest” -meaning a handful of songs every now and again… I was probably twenty when “Desire” was released and I can’t hear with that youthful, innocent joy…

Decline And Fall: all great civilizations decline and fall and so shall the USA, but if it does fall due to a mix of unbridled greed and an out of control virus, much better than in a showdown with China.

Apple News+ – At $10.99 it’s a great deal (300 publications and papers), except it is only available on your Iphone… damn…

I Lost It At The Drive In – Our Ken Davis went to see Southside Johnny at a drive in in Monmouth County (here), and it sure doesn’t sound as though it is that much superior an experience to the live from home streaming everyone is sick to death of.

Great White Death: In 2003, Great White were on stage  at Chumash Casino stage playing with a smoke machine bellowing, which started a fire killing 100 people. A tragedy but you can’t blame Great White. And even so, you would think a band with that sort of backstory would be super careful. You’d be wrong. Last weekend they performed a gig in North Dakota without social distancing.

Scientology: Spring cleaning for the bogus religion with Kelly Preston and Benjamin Keough (here) dead within days of each other. Of course, how can you blame Scientology for Kelly dying from cancer? Gimme a second on that one…

‘Tis A Bafflement: there are two sides to every story but anyone who believes Covid-19 is a democratic party slice of Fake News should join the (relatively) more believer Scientology.

Jeff Sessions: Unbelievably enough, Trump managed to thwart Jeff Session’s slight return  from Attorney General fired by Trump for refusing to lie for him (the only decent thing Jeff has ever done) and has paid the political price when Alabama turned against him and he lost the senate seat. If you believe for a second that Republican politicians didn’t notice, you are wrong.

BTS: The Korean, world famous, and popular boy band  who rule K-Pop released their 2019 Map Of The Soul 7, yesterday they dropped the same album only recorded again in Japanese, and I might be able to hear the hullabaloo finally. The Japanese take is Map Of The Soul 7 – The Journey and it is clearly better than the original, with the vocals crisper and spit with great power on the r&b album (Grade: B)

Futurism: I was always a futurist, life and history teaches us that the world constantly gets better overall, the trajectory from the Dark Ages to today has had its ups and downs but has been constantly to more and better. But since Einstein and the splitting of the age of doubt has put a shadow on the species, and steadily and slowly through the past one hundred years we futurists have seen a shadow overwhelming the species. And the existential nihilism of nuclear power is the engine that spurs the world into decline. The future will be worse the way 2020 is worse than 2019 only more so. If only because of global warming, tomorrow will be worse. Meanwhile, the age of American excellence just died and if you think the US is bad wait until China gets its hands on you.

Except for pop music: music thrives in turmoil and I am one of those who believes that while the heights aren’t as high as the 60s and 70s, the sheer wealth of musicians and sounds is vastly superior.

As For The US: A house divided against itself cannot endure

Speaking Of God: God is like the absentee landlord of a tenement house-a slumlord living in paradise

Bari Weiss: the Opinions editor at New York Times who quit due to the roiling civil war between the liberals (aged 40+) and the woke (an earlier generation). She is a an indictment of the New York Times and while I understand the Gray Lady’s woke in 2020, and believe it is true and fit, I don’t agree with opinion in reporting and O don’t agree with its refusal to post opposing views.

Garry Trudeau: There is an excellent new Doonesbury book taking us from 2018 to April 2020, “Lewser!” in which he takes on the era of Trump. 

As long as we are welcoming cartoonists back from retirement: welcome to Gary Larson, who has brought back “The Dark Side”



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