TVON: New Streaming Shows And Movies on Paramount+ Reviewed

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After The Fox (1966) – A Peter Sellers vehicle about a bank heist that is remembered as vastly funnier than it is, mostly because Sellers isn’t very good as the Italian convict who escapes from prison to save his sisters honor -played by Britt Ekland, who he would eventually marry – C+

Clarice (2021) – Australian actress Rebecca Breeds in the continuation of Jodie Foster’s role in “The Silence Of The Lambs” -one year after its conclusion. But don’t let the 1993 dateline bother you, the only period piece of the show is no cell phones. Despite Rebecca’s stellar role as the PTSD suffering FBI agent, the sheer horribleness of the storyline (pregnant women are murdered) makes it a somewhat unpleasant experience and while that is true of Silence, it doesn’t have Jodie or Anthony Hopkins (or Jonathan Demme) to pull it through. Having said that, the ending is satisfying tie-up – C+

From Cradle To Stage (20210 – Another Dave Grohl unwatchable piece of crap, completely lacking in insight as to how a mother raises a rock star – D

Infinite (2021) – Reincarnation has never been so boring,  Mark Wahlberg plays a man who remembers his past lives from incarnation to incarnation while the arch villain wants to end the world because he is sick of being born again – D

Mission: Impossible II (2000) – The TV show, about spies going deep undercover as they fool the bad guys through intricate stings (cons, disguises, ruses…) and all of which are the standard that all action shows have had to reach, and the movie franchise didn’t bother to try. II is considered the worst of the series, and actionwise there is a lot of dead air but all is forgiven when Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has a female interest as stunning as Westworld star Thandiwe Newton (she changed her name from Thandie). Newton exudes confidence and female power and the complete skills as a seducer. Thandiwe is thief Nyah Hall in a rip off of “Suspicion”) and while Tom is no Cary Grant as the cuckolded man who sends his lover to spy on her former boyfriend, Thandiwe does Ingrid well – B

Six-Pack Annie (1975) – This is a form of, very, very soft porn meets the Dukes Of Hazzard piece of weirdness movie, starring beauty queen Lindsay Bloom as the titular Daisy Dukes like character in search of $5,000 to keep the diner she works in open.  It is a bizarre looking, outside looking in version of the deep South. You’d heard of B movies, this is more like Z, while the girls are pretty to look at, they aren’t that pretty to look at – C-


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