TVON: Nevers Say Never

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The Nevers: with the finale episode of the season split in two, the penultimate episode of this when is an invasion from outer space not an invasion history is all backstory and ends where the penultimate episode also ended… The Nevers has gone from great to whatever, not unlike Wandavision’s trajectory though not as good. It is the old Hitchcock story about how he had written a story about a ship on the ocean with everybody on board dead. What happened? Hitch said whatever answer he came up with wouldn’t be satisfying enough and the same is true of The Nevers – C+

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver – in his sixth season of the comedy-political show, Englishman Oliver has been a little weak… but the last two episodes were fine form, one about white people assaulting black people because they don’t like their hair (I kid you not) and last week about the repulsive “Stand Your Ground” laws where the definition of what accounts for feeling threatened is simply the wrong color of skin in the wrong place – B+

That Damn Michael Che –  a skit based comedy with a thread connecting the skits, the talented SNL head writer is a little hit and miss on his first season of Chappelle redux, but sometimes he gets it right – B-

Sunday In New York – a sex comedy from 1962 for sophisticated sexists everywhere, starring Cliff Robertson, Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor, Cliff and Jane are brother and sister, you know Cliff is a playboy because he is an airline pilot, and Jane is a virgin who has shown up at her big brother’s doorstep in a funk after breaking up with her boyfriend because she is still a virgin at 23… then she cute meets Rod – C

The Return Of The Ring – I never watched “Lord Of The Rings” at the movies -when I was in my teens I read Tolkien while high on amphetamines (and in my 20s I was dating a High school girl who was studying “The Hobbit” and forced me to read it to her), so for the fifth time I started in on “Fellowship” only this time completed it, and then moved onto “Two Towers” and completed that as well, so seven hours of my life down the drain, I am in the midst of the final movie – B


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Asterix And Cleopatra – one of my favorite Asterix comes to animated life and despite the iffy English language dubbing, it stands up exceedingly well -maybe the best though I bet “In Britain” might give it a run for its money. Better than Liz’s “Cleopatra,” though not in the same league as “Carry On Cleo” (Kenneth Williams as Caesar is one of his greatest moments)  – B+

Goodbye Columbus – before “Portnoy’s Complaint,” there was Phillip Roth’s short story of the New York Jewish community between the lower middle class in the Bronx, and the upper middle class in Westchester. Ali MacGraw looks lovely in her debut but the years have bypassed it a little – B

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story – four actors portray four actors in a deeply irrelevant teleplay and if they have any revelations it would have to be for someone not as steeped in Monkees lore – C-

The Greatest Story Ever Told – airbrushed story of the Gospels, He dies in the end – C

Shine A Light – Martin Scorsese films two nights of the stones at the Beacon Theatre performing on behalf of Bill Clinton’s charity. Beautifully shot, but no “The Last Waltz,” let alone “Cocksucker Blues”



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