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Tomorrow Never Knows: Monday, November 19th, 2018

The Charts: This is what the Beatles gained by putting the entire fiftieth anniversary deluxe edition of The Beatles, it has re-entered the Billboard Top 200 at #6. With 107 songs to choose from, the Beatles have followed in the footsteps of Drake with so many popular songs it flipped em back. That is, obviously, the concept behind hip hop’s streaming quest where Chris Brown, Migos, Rae Sremmurd, and a cast of thousand, release 50, 60, more, songs at a pop.

Sports: Well, well, with the Jets on a bye week, and the Giants winning their first back to back games since 2016, football was watchable yesterday. On the other hand…  the Knicks just lost their fifth in a row and are a baffling 4 – 13.

Old Music: With Curtis Mayfield off on his own, the Versatile Impressions is their worst album to date with the hated Johnny Pate producing and even writing a song, though Curtis gets co-writing credit on one song (Grade: C), Luckily, we are no longer following the Impressions and so it is time to review Curtis Mayfield’s first solo album, Curtis,  and if the legend doesn’t start here  (it started with “People Get Ready”) what else would you call an album with “Move On Up” and “(Don’t Worry) If There is a Hell Below We’re All Going To Go” as the two singles?  Up to “Sinatra And Strings” which has been circling for a month but I sure hope to get to this week , with Aretha we’re at # 3,  The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin.

New Music: My big album (I haven’t come within a million miles to actually reviewing it but by Thanksgiving for sure), is Acrylic by Leikeli47, the other really really biggie is Creed II: The Album curated by Mike WiLL Made-It. The singles reviews will be a huge 61 tracks, and the best, I think, don’t quote me yet, is Alessia Cara’s “Not Today”.

Out: Jaden Smith claimed Tyler, The Creator was his boyfriend at the Tyler annual music fest, Tyler appears to deny it…

Theatre: My Tom Stoppard is finally up but I am mulling over Aaron Sorkin’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”…

Movies: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, the latest from the Potterverse, is a sophomore jinxed whole lotta exposition. Maybe the next one will pay off (Grade: B-)

Hitler And Trump: From this distance it is hard to be certain, but it seemed to me that for the most part Germany was very happy with Hitler, the day Paris fell was the apotheosis of everything he wanted. Trump might have the instincts of a totalitarian, he is an expert at attacking the weakest and demonizing Latin Americans is the ground zero of fascism, but  the US isn’t the Third Reich and so it is incumbent upon us to maintain a sense of balance.

Short Stories: I am about a third of the way through writing “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” with “The Correct Use Of Soap” (about the day after Trump is assassinated) waiting in the wings. I haven’t really got the latter sorted but I know what do to with the former.





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