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Three New Music Videos With Jenny, Julian and Phoebe

Three New Music Videos

Three New Music Videos by Jenny Lewis, the Strokes and Phoebe Bridgers


Three new music videos landed in my mailbox these past days, three new videos by two Grammy nominees, The Strokes and Phoebe Bridgers, and another unexpected one by Jenny Lewis.

The Strokes have just released a new video for ‘The Adults Are Talking,’ a song from the band’s first new album in seven years, ‘The New Abnormal.’ Directed by cinema royalty Roman Coppola, the video is set in the future, populated by superhuman androids, and finds the band struggling to hold their own in a baseball game against superior robot competitors. How did they come up with this scenario with lyrics like ‘We are tryin’ hard to get your attention/I’m climbin’ up your wall’? I have no idea unless it means a defeat against A.I.? In any case, Beck has a cameo in the video (around 3:25). With catchy bass loops, metallic guitar chords, and snare drums for percussions, then Julian Casablancas’ distinctive muffled croon soon in full falsetto, the song is your typical Strokes’ song: some critics have said that they were back to their best and basic sound. ‘The New Abnormal’ has received critical praise, was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, and believe it or not, it was their first-ever Grammy nomination

Speaking about Grammy nominations, Phoebe Bridgers has released a video for her song ‘Savior Complex,’ a tune from her latest and nominated album ‘Punisher,’ and the clip is curiously only available on Facebook. Directed by her almost homonym Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the video is a black & white mini-movie featuring ‘Normal People ‘actor Paul Mescal having a rough day or whatever is happening in the story, while Phoebe Bridgers makes several ghost-like apparitions, exercising her savior complex, putting someone else’s needs before her own, or trying to, but ending up saving the dog. Meanwhile, everybody will like the cute little dog, the obvious star of the clip, and the matching fairytale capes at the end. Music-wise, it is the same Phoebe Bridgers’ numbed murmur-whisper we are used to, with sentimental pretty strings.

A surprise new song and video from Jenny Lewis and Dave Serengeti (he is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois but I had no idea who he was). Jenny met Dave in a former Communist Media Center in East Berlin during the People Festival of 2018, and strangely, Dave asked Jenny to sing for a song about Tom Selleck passing on the part of Indiana Jones. A fast friendship was born as they skulked about, cracking jokes and chatting about their mutual love for boxing. Jenny threw a memorable show for Dave at Dino’s in East Nashville when they returned from Europe. and Jenny was among the 9 fans that attended and danced their asses off. When the world shut down, they hunkered down in Los Angeles & Chicago, respectively, Jenny smoking weed every day while Dave stayed totally sober. But a collaboration happened thanks to technology, five songs made on Jenny’s iPhone, with beats, bass, drums, digital tanpura & topline, sent via text, ripe for Dave’s poetry. Jenny made videos on her phone (a very DIY and a vertical phone) during the witching hours, and the tracks were sent to Andrew Broder in Minneapolis, who co-produced and mixed the songs, taking them from Garageband phone music to music that gently thumps you. ‘Unblu,’ the first song shared on YouTube, is a slow-mood tune, a sort of longing for the Holidays with Jenny’s soft vocals and Serengeti’s melancholic flow and singing voice. The music is eerie and the mood sounds like a delicate nostalgia while dancing with Frosty the snowman in a pre-holidays blues daze.

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