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These Days: Tuesday, January 19th, 2016


Business: BMG Acquires Majority of ARC, Chess Records’ Publishing Arm, which means they own all those epic early Chuck Berry songs. Which means nothing sucks bigger than the music business. A cesspool of artist screwing cesspoolness. And you wonder why Chuck insisted on cash upfront.

Death: In one of the weirdest months of death, on top of the huge mass of loss add the  Eagle’s guitarist Glenn Frey (here) and Kevin Junior, frontman for the indie band Chamber Strings, James R. Fonseca, session rhythm guitarist, Mott The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin,  Latin Songwriter & Producer Pablo Manavello.

Racism: Spike Lee and Jake Plunkett Smith are boycotting the Oscars because of the lack of black nominees. Wow, bad sports or what? Meanwhile, Chris Rock facing pressure to drop out of MCing the Oscars, till the Academy adds Will Smith for “Concussion”.

Recorded: The Eagles had one masterpiece, the blue cover Greatest Hits, and several additional great songs after, commiseration  to those who loved them for Glenn Frey dieing and, yes, I did go back to  the blue, which couldn’t stand up better. PS I have moved on to the Baaba Maal album.

Live: Go see your heroes before they die.

The Race For The Presidency: Does Hillary Clinton have no political instincts? She should have put Obama away in 08 and should have put Sanders away last year. She just doesn’t know how to do it.

Sports: 8th-Seeded Venus Williams Loses in First Round at Australian Open, proving you can’t fight time however great you are.


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