These Days: Friday, August 5th, 2016

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Recorded: I am sure I am not alone, in waking today with an extra spring in my step as I went to the PC to check out the new Frank Ocean album (Boys Don’t Cry) on Apple Music but when I got there… NO OCEAN AGAIN. What a disappointed but what the hell, there is always the new Travi$ Scott right? I mean, right? Nope, that’s not released either. Maybe I’ll go back to sleep, or maybe I’ll settle for the new Dinosaur Jr. The new DJ is nothing special (Grade: B), though the solo at the end of “I Walk For Miles” is pretty darn good.

Live: Drake today, anybody know what time it starts… I mean really starts, not what time he is herding us into the Garden. Looking at the social media, I can’t even hazard a guess but figure it is over by midnight.l Drake dissed Hut 97 -but he has a long way to go before revenging himself on radio station, the way PDB did in the 90s. I remember it well, I was there.

Sports: The Olympics start today and I am about as thrilled as I ever am. Let’s see if Comcast $12B gamble pays off as they plaster the damn thing everywhere. Meanwhile, the Russians lose 110 athletes to drugging and the Times reminds us that the US had the same problem in the 90s -they just weren’t as proficient at it.

More Recorded: How is it possible that there is unheard Presley music this music?

More Sports: Mets-Yanks split.

The Race For The Presidency: Whoever wins, this might prove a good time to begin impeachment proceedings, November isn’t that far away.

The Olympics: Day one and thank God I’ll be at the Drake gig. Still, better watching sports than playing it when you have my lack of coordination.



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