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The Numerous Knife Tales In Jennifer Chiba’s Life.

Jennifer Chiba


Once again I may get crucified for talking about someone I barely know, although I have met Jennifer Chiba and talked to her several times, but some people are probably going to dismiss my post with pompous arguments. I don’t care, if a certain author can write an entire book about a singer songwriter, who has been dead for 14 years, without even having met him once, and if he can sell his book for the absolute truth, I can have a little blurb about Jennifer Chiba.

I don’t have many scruples about writing this compilation of alarming information about Jennifer Chiba,… I already see my detractors and the Reddit nazi police coming at me, but someone has to do the dirty work and very few people seem ready to do it so far.

Since the time I have been trying to do some research, five persons, coming from different horizons, have used the same expression to describe her, and the last in date talked to me just a few days ago. They all used either the expression ‘she is a knife freak’ or the troublesome sentence ‘she had a fascination with knives’.

One of these people is a member of Elliott’s family, two are musicians (and one of them knew Chiba and Elliott very well), one was a friend of Elliott, and the last one is a record producer. I had private conversations with these people and they all told me that these conversations should stay private, which surely doesn’t help my credibility on the internet, but I can’t betray them. Actually, if you do some research, you may stumble on one of these musicians’ posts on Facebook, since he has publicly expressed his opinion on the subject, many times.

It is possible that these five people all had the same source of information and this is why I group them in the same paragraph, but here is the highly alarming thing: Five people told me she had a fascination with knives and one even told me she used to threaten people with knives.

A few years ago, a sound engineer named R. R. came in contact with me and told me a very strange story. When it happened, he didn’t have a second thought, as Elliott was not doing great at the time and was taking drugs, but the anecdote did strongly resonate after Elliott’s tragic death. In 2002, R. R. was working at New Monkey Studio and was recording an album with an indie musician. Elliott, who had offered the use of his studio, disappeared for 2 or 3 days. When he reappeared, R.R. said he looked terrible and told him this astonishing story as an excuse for his disappearance: he has had a fight with his girlfriend (Jennifer Chiba) and she was chasing him around with a knife during an argument. At the time R.R. did not pay attention to the story, he discounted it, Elliott was an addict, probably making up stories after a drug bender of several days. However once you know that Elliott died of two stab wounds, it’s difficult to ignore this crazy episode.

On page 318 of W. T. Schultz’s ‘Torment Saint’, there is a strange paragraph narrating a very curious nightly activity: Apparently Elliott and Jennifer Chiba ‘had stayed up sharpening a new set of knives’ just a few night before his death. When I read this I had an immediate WTF reaction? First of all, why mentioning such a thing? To prove the knife he used was sharp? Do new knives need to be sharpened anyway? Why should they do that during the night? And more importantly, why did she volunteer to give this bizarre piece of information? Why introducing such a gruesome anecdote when we know how the story ends? No matter how I look at this page, it doesn’t make any sense, it only brings the focus on the disturbing interest attached to knives in this household. To be honest, this just gave me a cold sweat, this book was supposed to be a biography, not a thriller for god’s sake! To finish with this, you can read one ironic detail in the autopsy/police report: the knife is described with a ‘dull edge’, so were they really sharpening knives two days before?

I could add a few other things, when MySpace was still a fashionable thing, Jennifer Chiba had a page and she had chosen the name Melpomene instead of her real name, as you could do that with MySpace. Melpomene is the Greek muse of tragedy, and the Wikipedia entry specifies she is often represented holding a knife in one hand… Was it done on purpose? She logically wanted to be associated with tragedy, as she has had a big one in her life, but a simple research once again brings this knife fetish associated with Melpomene, and to me, it would have been a strong repellent for a name.

None of these stories prove anything, I know, but they build a weird and frightening picture. And if you dig a bit more, there are even more knife stories… Rivers Cuomo, whom Chiba claims to have had a 10-year relationship with (although it was probably more an on and off relationship) wrote an unfinished rock opera called ‘Songs from the Black Hole’ inspired by ‘Madame Butterfly’. One of the characters, Maria, was inspired by his relationship with Chiba. Cuomo did not finish the opera at the time but recorded the album ‘Pinkerton’ named after the character of the Puccini’s opera. Several songs are said to have been inspired by Jennifer Chiba, and when you know how Madame Butterfly ends – she cuts her throat with a knife – it is just odd once you are aware of her fascination with the blade.

This last point would be totally anecdotal without the context of the beginning, and unless it is an entire serendipitous detail, it brings another odd element among these disturbing and numerous tales of knives in Jennifer Chiba’s life.


  1. Kevtyla on February 24, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Actually the autopsy report does not indicate the blade was dull. Page 8 of the autopsy report provides “Examination of Weapon” details; stating that “the thickness of the back of the blade (dull edge) is between 1/32 and 1/16 inch..”

  2. fabien on March 15, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    Very very strange coïncidences… I hope one Day, we’ll know all the truth about his death.

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