The Early Bird: Top New Recordings 3-19-21 – 3-25-21 Reviewed

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Every now and again Brooklyn Vegan post a review that knocks my socks off, and so it is with Foxing’s new single “Speak with The Dead” -I assume my ears are good enough to have picked up on, it is such an overwhelming, wall of sound emo on steroids, it should have. But if it hadn’t, Andrew Sacher’s review (here) of their first song in three years certainly did the trick on this authentic, deeply moving opus as the band builds and builds and then subsides, and as Andrew noted, the seven minutes goes down quicker the more you listen to it (Grade: A-).

Still with singles, is there anything more pathetic than 40 year old men claiming they are the “Nowhere Generation,” the way the return to sender Rise Against on this big slab of rock and roll bullshit (Grade: D)? Will Neil ever give it a rest?  “Birds” is an outtake from CSNY’s Deja Vu featuring N&Y harmonizing, it isn’t bad at all, and we are all excited for the Deja Vu boxset, but it certainly doesn’t need hearing (Grade: B), a strong if not entirely necessary remix of H.E.R. song from the Disney+ movie “Safety”, “Hold Us Together”,  finds her being joined by Christian singer Tauren Wells on the lovely spiritual (Grade: B+), Snoop Dogg has formed a supergroup with the great West Coasters E-40 and Ice Cube, but his newest song “C.E.O.” is an ice cold hitjob  so let’s hope the arrival of the great E-40 will add something (Grade: B). Ingrid Michaelson is a talented songwriter for sure but her Zayn duet  “To Begin Again” is a dreadful slice of MOR balladeering with an OK bridge (Grade: C+).

I reviewed Lana Del Rey’s Chemtrails Over The Country Club earlier today (here), a low key follow up to her masterpiece, as she travels from West Coast to Midwest (Grade: B), Papa Roach have always been a favorite rock band of mine in the 21st century and this terrific greatest hits has that unique sound and also a really strong sludge and hammer christiancore vibe (Grade: A-), Justin Bieber has had a large couple of years and has maneuvered his sound to a sweeter, less exciting form of chart domination. It could get really old, and Justice is the sound of just mediocre softcore dance saved by that voice (Grade: C+). Man, how good was New Orleans guy, Harry Connick Jr., his skills were immense (in 2005 I say him off Broadway in “The Pajama Game” and on Alone with My Faith he gets to grasp with God on a mix of traditional hymns and new Christian songs  with a jazz edge (Grade: C+)

Speak With the Dead – Foxing, WHY? – A-

Birds – Demo – Neil Young, Graham Nash – B

Alone With My Faith – Harry Connick, Jr. – C+

Hold Us Together – Hope Mix – H.E.R., Tauren Wells – B+

Justice – Justin Bieber – B

To Begin Again – Ingrid Michaelson, ZAYN – C+

Chemtrails Over The Country Club – Lana Del Rey – B

Greatest Hits Vol.2 The Better Noise Years – Papa Roach – A-

Nowhere Generation – Rise Against – D

C.E.O. –  Snoop Dogg – B



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