The Early Bird: Top New Recorded Releases 4-16-21 – 4-22-21 Reviewed

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I once questioned whether Babyshambles (not the Libertines, mind) were the best UK band not to break the States, and was greeted by bewilderment, surely, at least, The Jam? I get their meaning, but Babyshambles were a shambolic and brilliant continuance of The Kinks, The Jam, yes, The Libertines: they were what the Small Faces might have been without a singer as great as Steve Marriott. Think of them as Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake  natural heir, if you want. Jaime Perrett was a member of Babyshambles and on his first solo single, “Masquerade Of Love,” a pop doo wop 50s style rocker with an edge of new wave, he puts his own stamp onto both his future songs and his former band, not to mention his father who could sue him for plagiarism once he hits the “I don’t know where I’m going to sleep tonight” though the shoo whos are non-copywrite now (Grade: B+).

Still with singles, Alex Frankel is half of the terrific Holy Ghost! disco band and “Still Got It” is a funky disco workout that is nothing but pleasure (Grade: B+), while part of you may want to note that Liz Phair never did anything but Guysville, the rest of you might want to point to “H.W.C”., meanwhile  “Spanish Doors” is straightforward Phair (Grade: B-), as a non supporter of …Jarvis Is, the Dennis Bovell remix of “Swanky Modes” ain’t bad (Grade: B), Doja Cat is joined by SZA for the fine EDM art poppisms of “Kiss Me More” (Grade: B), The Black Keys straightforward John Lee Hooker cover is alright, what’s not to like (Grade: B)?

Over at albums, I reviewed Erich Church’s excellent country rocker Heart here, overloaded to bursting, who else could follow Drake with Travis Scott, Young Thug and Gunna’s second compilation is a pure pop move that should break the Billboard 200 very, very quickly (Grade: B), it is fair to say that however great you think Wildflowers was (I go to the singles),  these alternate versions are the last word (Grade: B), if Paul McCartney wants remixes from big artists that’s his business but McCartney III isn’t the album (maybe McCartney I is) (Grade: B-), now that we have all recovered from Greta Van Fleet not being Led Zep, we can embrace them as a good hard rock band with a great singer on The Battle at Garden’s Gate (Grade: B). I was going to write about The Offspring but I think I’ll give it another listen…

Swanky Modes – …Jarvis Is, Dennis Bovell – B

Still Got It – Alex Frankel – B+

Kiss Me More – Doja Cat, SZA – B

Heart – Eric Church – A

The Battle At Garden’s Gate – Greta Van Fleet – B

Masquerade of Love  – Jaime Perrett – B+

Spanish Doors – Liz Phair – B-

McCartney III Imagined – Paul McCartney – B-

Crawling Kingsnake – The Black Keys – B

Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) – Tom Petty – B

Slime Language 2 – Young Thug, Gunna – B



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