The Earliest Bird: Top Recorded Release 7-2-21 – 7-8-21 Randy Edelman’s “Comin Out The Other Side” Reviewed

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I’ve been friends with owner John Pasquale for years and years, and have been aware of his getting deeper into the music business in the last couple of years which reaches an early peak with the debut release from his new indie label, Tribeca Records. SohoJohnny spent much of 2020 performing philanthropic acts with his “Let Me Help Inc” and while Tribeca Records is business, its first release continues with the concept of helping people.

If Johnny and his braintrust (two of whom, JimmyStar and Eileen Shapiro, often write here) went searching for the most perfect encapsulation of hope and dreams for USA coming out of 2020, they couldn’t have have made a better choice, when Randy Edelman shouts “woooah” and the horns take over the hook, the adrenalin rush of the post-pandemic future is just as moving as the words.

Randy Edelman is a musical journeyman, as comfortable with motion picture soundtracks as a singer-songwriter who found himself covered by the likes The Carpenters (The Carpenters???), Barry Manilow, the first A in ABBA, Labelle, and Jackie DeShannon. Impressive, but just as impressive? He is married to Jackie DeShannon… the same Jackie who was The Beatles opening act in 1964, the same Jackie who not only sang but wrote “When You Walk In The Room” . Needless to add I am a huge fan of the woman. Jackie has a voice that gives the very best 60s girl singers, the Ronnie Spectors, a run for their money. She imparts soul on pop, she transcends the ephemeral. Randy has been married to Jackie since 1976.

Edelman himself is a first rate songwriter as well as a composer, his easy listening rock from the 1960s and 1970s is more than the sum of its parts, writing his first song at the age of fourteen and sixty years later his anthem to the American future, “Comin’ Out The Other Side,”  his standards never waiver and is a magnificent thing. With galloping drums at the beginning which alone give you happiness, and Randy detailing how we get back to what Curtis Mayfield dubbed living again, the song has the rumble of an anthem tethered to a first rate melody. The joyful noise is an agnostic’s faith, like “Imagine,” and like Lennon’s pan-world anthem, it is imbued with every dream for everyone’s tomorrow. Edelman’s music is currently being used by the NBC’s Olympics coverage and they might want to add this one. It is everything we want the spirit of American exceptionalism to be.


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