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The Champ And The King

We are giving away a free copy of the special ‘The Champ and the King‘ DVD (Limited and numbered 100 copies only) with each order (1 per person per order as it is a limited edition) of the Elvis Presley | The Searcher Blu-ray.

The main program about the robe is only 9 minutes. It is designed as a commemorative item and tribute to the special friendship between Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali but comes with significant bonus material being the two occasion Ali wore the robe … and more.The DVD contains

  • The Story Of The Robe / Ali wearing the Robe (09:33)
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Bugner (Ali wearing the robe in the ring + the full fight) (60:00)
  • Ken Norton vs. Muhammad Ali (Ali wearing the robe in the ring + the full fight) (60:00)
  • Muhammad Ali speaks at Elvis Memorial Service (04:46)
  • ‘Black Superman’ by Johnny Wakelin (03:00)
  • ‘Stand By Me’ by Muhammad Ali (02:00)

If you have already ordered we have allocated a set to you. If you have not please order now before we run out.

Elvis Presley | The Searcher is a 2-part, 3 hour HBO documentary DVD (‘Deluxe ‘Digibook‘ packaging format) on Elvis Presley, one of the most iconic musicians of all time, and follows his musical journey from his childhood to his final recording session in 1976. Featuring over 20 new interviews with Priscilla Presley, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, his former band members and childhood friends.

We have the following titles on the way to us now …

 ‘Strictly Elvis‘ Volume 2 Deluxe Hardcover Book
 ‘Elvis 1967‘ containing 22 outtakes previously unreleased
 Young And Beautiful CD | Elvis As Recorded In Stereo!
 ‘The Complete Uncut Bad Nauheim Tapes‘ 3 CD Deluxe Set
 The Bad Nauheim Tapes | Part 1 & Part 2 CDs

 Elvis Presley: ‘The Perfect 1′ Elvis’ 40 Greatest (Take) One’s
 Elvis: ‘Unedited Masters Life’ CD
 Plus ‘Elvis Summer Festival‘ Spliced Takes containing some very rare tracks from the ‘That’s the Way It Is’ era…

Elvis June ’75‘ is a new soundboard recorded 4 CD set from The Rock N Roll Majesty label and is available to pre-order now.
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Elvis 1967‘ contains 23 tracks, including 22 outtakes previously unreleased by Elvis’ record company; Also 3 official previously unreleased binaural recordings; and more! This release is another in ‘The Bootleg Series‘ by Elvis ONE. As a bonus we’ve included all five radio spot announcements for the movie ‘Clambake’. Only announcement #2 was available before on the Elvis Anthology CD from the Elvis One label. The booklet is of course complete with recording information and some rare photos!

Young And Beautiful CD | Elvis As Recorded In Stereo! is a special edition from ‘The Bootleg Series‘ by Elvis One – Including all the original album/single masters in stereo from the only known recordings surviving from the pre-stereo era plus some additional alternate versions! No fake stereo or electronic stereo but just as recorded in 1956 and 1957. For the first time together on one great new album and in the best possible sound!

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Elvis: ‘Unedited Masters Life’ CD
After a short break ‘Venus Productions; continues their very successful series Unedited Masters Once again, we managed to present you unreleased-/unedited-/alternate tracks. All tracks are digitally transferred from the ORIGINAL studio tapes to guarantee you the best possible sound you’ll ever gonna get. Highlights of this release are, without a doubt, the unreleased takes of LIFE. Get ready for some great surprises!
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Elvis Presley: ‘The Perfect 1′ CD | Elvis’ 40 Greatest (Take) One’s
We’d like to present to you Elvis Presley ‘The Perfect (Take) 1′ CD, a 2 CD collection containing Elvis’ first takes, recorded throughout the 60’s and 70’s. We at Gladyson consider these first takes to be on par and sometimes even better than the master recordings. Elvis in the studio did some magnificent first takes, but as sessions tend to go, the songs keep evolving, and everything gets perfected.
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The Elvis ‘Spiced Takes’ series continues with ‘Elvis Summer Festival‘ containing some very rare tracks from the ‘That’s the Way It Is’ era… This time some amazing splices were made from some of the rehearsals for the actual movie, since they were for rehearsal purposes the actual listening pleasure is missing in some way, because of the many breaks and repeating parts… until now….. Next to the rehearsals, excellent studio splices are also included as well as a great live version of ‘Just Pretend’ with reprise!
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VIK known for their release ‘Greetings From Germany’ is proud to present ‘The Complete Uncut Bad Nauheim Tapes‘ containing 3 hours of Elvis recordings from Bad Nauheim. This is Elvis like you never heard him before. With loads of unreleased material & notes from the files of Rex Mansfield. An awesome collection! This is exactly how it appeared on the tapes, remastered for your listening pleasure but UNCUT! So expect some microphone overload or volume changes throughout the tape. These tapes ‘UNCUT’ is how real collectors need to have it in their collection. This 3 CD set will be released in a deluxe fold-out longbox packaging. Only available in our VIP Shop.
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The ‘From Cover to Vinyl | The Artistry of Elvis Bootlegs‘ book is being printed right now and will be available for shipping in about 3 weeks. Demand is high so please get your order in as soon as possible before it is sold out. The book is limited to 750 copies and there will definitely be no reprint. View a preview video of pages.
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Elvis: The Viva Las Vegas Sessions‘ 3-CD boxset includes more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts, breakdowns, and complete takes! All tracks have been recently remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes. The 8″x 8″ slipcase replicates an original Session Reel box. The 28-page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia, Ann-Margret bio by the late Stuart Colman and Movie overview by Alan Hanson. The 3-CDs are housed in a CD carrier adorned by original tape box documentation. This release is a strictly LIMITED EDITION. There will be no reprint.
'Elvis: The Viva Las Vegas Sessions' 3 CD Boxset (in slipcase).
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Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes | On Stage Jan/Feb 1970 is a beautiful 7 CD deluxe boxset fully packed with awesome multitrack recordings from January 26 to February 23, 1970 | These recordings were made for the 1970 ‘ON STAGE’ album release. What did not appear on the album is at least as powerful as the album itself. Also included are the opening and closing night from the same season. This is Elvis at his best!
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Elvis: ‘Nashville Ballads’ CD Elvis: ‘Nashville Ballads’ an excellent new CD, containing the best outtakes of Elvis ballads, recorded in Nashville, between 1960-1967. Housed in a beautiful 6 panel digipack, with photos and liner notes.
On the way to us now is the new Elvis Greensboro CD (from the actual RCA tapes) – this is now sold out and we have ordered and reserved the last handful of copies. What we have on the way to us are all allocated however if you still want to order, get in quick and you can still have one of these CDs is great sound quality. (Listen to the sound sample comparisons from this and previous releases).
Preview | 'Elvis Greensboro' April 14 1972 CD (from the actual RCA tapes)
Buy Greensboro CD
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In Stock Now Madison Square Garden 2 DVD Set.
Below you will find the final cover art for the Madison Square Garden set — These will be in stock NOW!!!
Elvis At Madison Square Garden DVD.
Elvis At Madison Square Garden DVDHow excited we were when the announcement came about the newly discovered Madison Square Garden footage But then how disappointed we were when seeing the final result with the whole show on DVD but with 70% without footage!

Fortunately, Elvis fans have stepped up to the plate by redoing the Madison Square Garden footage from scratch.

Online now we have a  5-minute view preview.

Buy Elvis At Madison Square Garden DVD
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‘Strictly Elvis’ Volume II 1976-1977 will be released soon. This large format (3 kg / 6.6 pounds) hardcover book by Erik Lorentzen and Keith Alverson will contain more than 1,200 photos from 1976 and 1977 with more than 1,000 never published, or even seen, before. Pre-order now as stock will be LIMITED.
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David Troedson
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Release Status.
Updated Oct 8
'Strictly Elvis' Volume II 1976-1977 Hardcover Book.
'Elvis Greensboro' April 14 1972 CD (from the actual RCA tapes)
'Elvis: The Viva Las Vegas Sessions' 3 CD Boxset (in slipcase).
Elvis: Off-On Stage CD from FTD (Unreleased Stereo recordings)
Elvis In Person: The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD.
Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD is an incredible complete show created using a tremendous collection of footage to make a very enjoyable show. Elvis’ ‘first live performance in nine years’ is finally in film format. The audio is as we all know it, the video comes from various sources, some of it well know, other very rare, but the overall experience is breathtaking!
Boston Garden '71 DVD.
Elvis never ceases to amaze me. Watching him on stage in1971 is a very different experience to either 1970 or 1972. He is far more active on stage and in good form. 1971 is a much underrated year as it was between the years of the two documentary movies.
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