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The 30 Best Songs Of 2015 In Order And Reviewed

The Hills 1

1 – The Hills – The Weeknd –  Mano’s synth pushed shifting tempos translate Abel’s “when I’m fucked up, that’s the real me”  high as hell, sex as betrayal, drives through the hills that have eyes in search of the very wrong girl, dance car accident in waiting, to sound. Abel is so really him, he will even do it at her tempo. SONG OF THE YEAR

2 – L$D – A$AP Rocky – As in love, sex,  and drugs, this is a hallucination of a mood song, though well tinged by weed as well, so everything drags behind the beat and the sex is wet and exciting but slow and druggy. Rap, but rap by association.

3 – Hello – Adele – We are all complicit in the conquest of our planet, we have all come together to anoint Adele and in case you thought we were gonna struggle, she sent her best song to date first, to make resistance futile.

4 – All Your Favorite Bands – Dawes – So good, it will give you the wrong idea about Dawes. You’ll believe they are really as good as not just Bright Eyes, but Jackson Browne. And they are, for one So Cal singer songwriter track only.

5 The Mess We Made – Tomas Doncker – The title track of Doncker’s agitprop masterpiece, with a hook, improvised for the first time at a Charlie Funk concert, which could be the last word on political activism: “get my mind right”.

6 – Song Of Life – David Bronson – The song allows the great singer songwriter to pinpoint his concerns and also to answer his concerns: it is where he explains how to live with love.

7 – I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner – Quite possibly the most beautiful sad song of the year.

8 – Someone For Everyone – Jamie Lawson – If you think a song like this is easy, by all means give it a shot. A feel good universal love anthem so brimming with good vibes you wanna give the world a coke. Don’t fret? Good advice.

9 – Joan Of Arc – Madonna – An impossibly fragile Madge, shows her heart is going up in flames as scumbugs like yours truly put her through the ringer for being a middle aged diva well past her prime. And while she might well be in late mid-life crises,  she makes a good case for the more human she is, the better she gets.

10 – Fatal Flaw – Titus Andronicus – The lookalike cops some drugs and falls in love and it is the best thing you never saw.

11 – WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliott and Pharrell – It isn’t that Missy sounds like the ever glorious M.I.A., or that the clipped beats are as nervy as M.I.A., it is that M.I.A. sounds like Missy. Pharrell adds another hook on top -a synthy one.

12 – 24 Frames – Jason Isbell – As  great a song as he has ever written, Jason puts a firebomb to his first marriage and then watches it explode. And then blames God.

13  – Love Yourself – Justin Bieber –  The horns hook it,  though you won’t notice them you’ll notice the “my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone” perfect drawing back of the curtain.

14 – Up Above My Head – Rhiannon Giddens – Her achievement on this is not to improve on Sister Rosetta Tharpe, nigh on impossible, but to sing it beautiful and to make some of its heaven Rhiannon’s very own.

15 – That Means A Lot – The Weeklings – One of the greatest Beatles covers I’ve ever heard. Better than the original demo.

16 – What Went Down – Foals – The riff to this song is so colossal it singlehandedly changed my opinion about the band.

17 – Murder In The City – Brandi Carlile – The last song on the album, and the best, a sad story of familial regard, disregard, futures and passed, “I’m proud of you both in so many different ways”, the father says to his children. A stunning song, originally by the Avett Brothers.

18 – Fool For Love – Lord Huron – I bet they don’t have another song this great in em, and I bet this is a song this great. Even the intro is excellent.

19 – Love 3X – ZZ Ward – Ward the blue artist we know, but Ward the cray girlfriend as pop star is a new one.

20 – Bad Art And Weirdos Ideas – Beach Slang – Gorgeous ringing guitars and backing vocals and this: “We are not alone.
We are not mistakes. Don’t whisper now. We’re allowed to be loud.”

21 – Die Young – Chinx – a real nigga writes his own epitaph

22 – In2 – WSTRN – It is time somebody tapped into the Drake DNA… I mean did a good job of it as well. This UK duo release a classic with an English accent. The Atlantic crossing difference is just enough of a change up.

23 – Top Shelf Drug – Ryan Bingham – Terrific metaphor for love for a song that sounds like a cross between happiness  and exile.

24 – Girls From Texas – Pat Green – Magnificent girl geography lesson with Lyle “that’s right they are from Texas” Lovett swapping verses

25 – Hard Bastards – Roots Manuva – It’s not him, you know, but he knows quite a few bastards. Beyond Grime is this major badass rap song.

26 – Hungover On Heartaches – Cam – Shot for shot, the best alcohol song of the year.

27 – No Cities To Love – Sleater Kinney – Somewhere between Talking Heads, Bikini Kill, and prime SK, this is a roadsong that morphs into a shout out to their fans:”It’s not the weather, it’s the people we love! ”

28 – Where Are U Now – Jack U – A great song anyway, even without a chorus(!) but what makes it something more is Skrillex’s mixing of a small Justin line into a masterhook that still has me scratching my head. A “dolphin like squiggle” was how Jon Pareles put it.

29 – Believe That I Do – Herb Eimerman – The verses sound like the Byrds, the chorus sound like Herb, and the guitar solo sounds like heaven.

30 – Angel (Featuring Sadu) – Chance The Rapper – Our fabulous rapper of the year(ish) releases a feelgood piece of self acclamation.

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