That Was The Week That Was: December 21st, 2015

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Sports: NFL heats up… The Jets beat the Pats after the ever arrogant Bill Belichick elected to kick in OT and paid the price. The 10 – 5 Jets will get the wildcard spot if   they beat the Bills next week to clinch a wild-card berth or if the Steelers (9-6) lose to the Browns, or the Broncos (10-4) lose their final two games (to the Bengals on Monday and Chargers next Sunday).

More Sports: The Giants were already out so their 17 – 49 loss to the Vikings didn’t matter, but wow, without Odell Beckham Jr these guys are so much worse. Assume this is the end of Tom Coughlin.

Live: Tomas Doncker at Hat City Kitchen introduced what should be, more or less, his the Mess We Made set, a high octave power punch 45 minute rock blues masterpiece.

Recorded: Getting ready for Bruce next month with a diet of The River. I still prefer the fast and catchy ones and have to stop myself from skipping “Independence Day”.

Streaming: Great to have the Beatles on all the streaming services. Ken Shane of Popdose wants to know where the mono original mixes are, and I want to know why the three  anthologies, the two BBC Sessions, and the live at Hollywood Bowl aren’t here.

Death: Stevie Wright, the frontman for Australian rock band The Easybeats, has died at the age of 68. You may remember the Easybeats from “Friday On My Mind”.

More Death: From the Daily News: “George Clayton Johnson, the legendary science-fiction writer who authored the first “Star Trek” television episode and several classic stories for the popular 1960s TV show “The Twilight Zone,” died on Christmas Day. He was 86.”Johnson wrote the “Kick The Can” episode of Twilight Zone, and “Eye Of The Beholder” -you know where ugly is beautiful. Out Of Sci fi, he wrote the original “Oceans 11”.

Christmas 2015: As these things go, this was an uneventful one. The weather was actually warm, the world somewhat on the quiet side, and I was my usual reclusive self. Don’t go and see “Sisters”.


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